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  1. Thanks Elly, I'll do that :-)
  2. Thanks Guys, She seems to have settled in really well. She's been in our home for 12 hours now and seems to be taming really quickly!
  3. Hi Guys, this is our new Budgie that we purchased today. The breeder (shop) said its a girl, but it looks like a boy to me??? Hope you like her picture Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Guys, A quick update on Marty. he is almost 2 years old now and as far as taming goes, to this day he is still making progress. The latest thing with him is he is willing to go into any room in the house (this is new). Certain rooms he wouldn't go into before. You can catch him, hold him, play with him as much as you like and he doesn't mind at all. He follows us every where, will land on all members of the family. He really loves technology. He will come to us when we call him etc (even if you call him from another room) He even interacts with visitors! He is well and truely tame. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Guys, I know its been a while since I last posted but here is the latest on Marty: 1. He is now just over a year old. 2. He loves the whole family and follows us every where. Actually when he is out of the cage he doesn't leave me alone. 3. His Colours have changed, most of the green is gone and he is very yellow now. 4. He doesn't like me holding him and complains the whole time, but he still keeps coming back. 5. He is super tame now and if you call him, he will come out of his cage and fly to you. All in all, he is well and truely a part of the family! I will post some pics when I get a chance. Cheers Paul
  6. Thanks for the info Kaz. That helps a lot. I'm really pleased that Marty hasn't reacted badly to the Worming Gel. He is still playing and getting up to mischief. His 48 hours with the gel will be up around 2:00pm today and so far we have seen him have at least 3 sips Best Regards Paul
  7. Thanks for the info, so far I see any worms in his dropping. Just out of curiosity, how and where do they get worms from?
  8. So are the worms visible in the droppings?
  9. This is Marty and he is five months old now. He is very tame. He loves to get involved when I am working on my PC. He has even destroyed parts of my Laptop, but hey that's okay because he is allowed to
  10. Marty had a drink of his Orange water this morning. I don't think he liked it, but he drank it which is what counts Looks like all is good in the Marty Household.
  11. Thanks Kaz, The dose directly into the crop by crop needle, sounds fantastic and a lot less fussing around. Bummer that you are so far away, but hey you've been very helpful. This forum and its members are the BEST!! Best Regards Paul
  12. Hi Kaz, Thanks for the info. I only just put it in the water a few hours ago. Its orange in color and the water has changed to the same color too. Marty knows there is something fishy going on and is keeping clear of it. I can't see him drinking it. We will keep an eye out to see if he does have a sip, but I'm betting he wont. The instructions say to leave it in the water for 48 hours and only have dry foods in the cage, so as to encourage him to has some water. The guy at Bird City also said to keep an eye on him because 1 in 10000 react badly to this stuff Man this is just like having a child again, so much stress!!!
  13. I tried apples and veggies a while ago and he wouldn't even touch them. I might try again. He doesn't like anything new in his cage. Speaking of which it leads me to the following: Bird City told us we needed to worm him every six months and said he would be due at the begining of this month. So we went to Bird City and purchased Vetafarm Wormout Gel. I followed the directions and added it to water and put it in his cage. The water is now an orange color and he didn't even want to go back into his cage. I put him in there and now he is staying well away from his water. Is this normal, and whats the possibility of him actually drinking some of it? See, I'm back in form with my silly questions again Cheers Paul
  14. We got back from Adelaide and young marty is A-okay!!!! My son has been driving him nuts all this week because he wont leave the poor bird alone for a minute, but then again Marty does seem to be coming back for more. I will post some more pictures of him along with a Youtube video. He is almost 5 months old now
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