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  1. David (Bubbles) and Brian from Newcastle have booked a room at the venue for a few days and will be attending a few the events on offer.
  2. Go to the Vetafarm web page and there is a place to put in your post code and they show the nearest suppliers . Bubbles
  3. Hunter Branch held its Show on Sunday 10th July , with over 300 birds shown Grand Champion was taken out by an Allan Druery Bird . As his Nationals results show he has some super birds . The full results for classes will be posted on the BSNSW website soon. Bubbles
  4. The live feed results and pictures of the birds 1st 2nd and 3rd have been briliant for those of us who couldn't make it there this year . Bubbles
  5. A local Budgerigar Club is the best place to find what you are after , even if you ring the President to get a announcement at their next meeting . This way you will be contacting breeders direct and will have a good chance of getting what you want , the only drawback is that this can take some time to bear fruit. A phone call to the may put you in contact with breeders direct as some have a breeders list with phone numbers . Bubbles
  6. Show went ahead with over 400 birds on show , There was a sale section there as well that was well patronised by members as well as people from the public with birds from $350 down to $5 enough to keep everyone happy . Bubbles
  7. Newcastle Budgerigar Club is holding its show Sunday 26th February . Many National breeders usually show so its worth going just for a look even if you dont enter any birds , better though to enter birds and make a day of it . Hope to see you there. Bubbles (David)
  8. If its like the stuff I use its "rice hulls" and its very dry , I tend to mix it with other things , wood shavings or lucern chaff. Bubbles
  9. Bob may have a website that you can contact him on , be honest tell who you are and what you are after and you may be suprised as I know many breeders are only too happy to encourage newcomers to "the hobby" especially if they are younger . If he hasnt got any he may be able to put you onto someone else in his club that may be help you out . Budgie people are mostly friendly and eager to encourage others , although money can be a contensious issue. Would you sell a budgie for $20 if you could get $200 to $2000 at auction ? BUT a few enquiries nver hurt anyone and you may get a plesant surprise and a good friend and mentor as well. Bubbles http://bobsmithbudgerigar.com/
  10. I have wooden box type cages like most , my friend has 28 wire breeding cages a similar size with an automatic watering system connected to the mains using edstrom waters. The only fault with the watering system is that it occasionally drips when the birds play with it rather than just drink from them , hence the wire cages , they are not affected by water where wooden ones swell and if chipboard fall apart . If I was starting again I would go wire , but like most I built up my 12 breeding boxes 3 at a time to what I have today and would find it hard financially and motivationally to start all over again , my systems are built one on top of each other as I went along . Bubbles
  11. Newcastle Budgerigar Club will hold an Auction with over 100 birds for auction , no quick sale birds available at the auction but they will be available the next day (Sunday 14th) at the annual show . For more information google Newcastle Budgerigar Club , there is a link to a list there . http://users.tpg.com.au/users/kyorke/NBCAuctionCatologue2011.pdf Well worth a look , some quality budgies pictured in schedule (any one can dream) unfortunatly I cant attend myself. Bubbles.
  12. Rarly - $20.00 to $50.00 Sometimes - $40.00 to $100 Mostly $50 to $250.00 Majority $100.00 to $600.00 Sometimes $500.00 to $1000.00 Big time $500.00 to $5000.00 This is a general guide depending on where the auction is and who is there to bid , the quality of the birds being sold and who they come from . The more renound the breeder and the more people that want a certain bird the higher the price is likley to go , some people are not restrained by money issues and when they see a bird they need or want they purchase it reguardless . There are bargains to be had at some auctions with "reguarded breeders" going for less than you would think . If you can establish a relationship with some of the better breeders in your area , visit them , go to their websites , write them a letter telling them who you are and what your after , they may not have any birds for you but may be able to offer some valuable advise . Hope this helps . Bubbles.
  13. The Auction prices are listed above , as for how they looked Id have liked to take any of the pairs home , on the auction listing on the BSNSW site there are pictures as well as breeding . The birds looked even better in life than in the catalogue , with some to rival the birds that won at the Nationals (Yes that good) down to just very good stock birds . All prices were over the top for me , but in saying that I belive that there were some bargains amoungst them , some went for near 3000 for the pair down to 400 and these were birds worth it if you had the money , I didnt . In saying that we went to a Breeders (Mario Capasso) aviary and were blown away with quality of his stock , he was open to offers (how he operates) and must of said yes to many as there were a lot of birds being held in his sold cage , 16 going back to WA on Monday night after we left and their quality was as high as or better than some of the National birds at prices less than the auction birds . The better the bird the higher the prices but others from the same family just not as visually stunning were much cheaper . In summary the auction birds were of national quality for their type but at the National auction you pay a premium price , I feel equal or better bird could be gotten from breeders direct and their advice is gold , so I would deal direct with the breeder if possible . Bubbles
  14. Just back from Nationals , what a great time with good people and great birds . Not sure if anyone knew "Bubbles" but Im sure quite a few remember the 3 lads from Newcastle NSW , we weren't exactly on the quiet side and did sink a few home made ones . Dont know if I met anyone from the site but there were a few from WA sitting next to us on day 1 Chris Huck and wife and the younger Gearings . Day 2 judging and Auction saw us around Barry Prang from South Qld as well as Mr Peffer and is wife both of who were are ? South Qld members but now working and living in Orange so as you can see people were from anywhere and everywhere , altogether they melded into one social and happy group with something for everyone and everyone eager to help one another. Great to be a part of . Bubbles.
  15. ooh Kaz another taboo subject (to question the policies of the heirachy of the Nationals) I love it . Everyone has a valid opinion and differing experiances , The societys should be interested in the welfare and experiances of the Exibiters and their birds that go to the Nationals . The questions you ask are valid and it should not be too hard for the Parent bodies to keep a record of them just relating to the Nationals. I for 1 have heard many stories some good some bad from exibiters . They come from their personal experiances and as a mainly spectator I often wonder how true or isolated they are . At least if there was a survey taken 6 to 12 months after the Show the state bodies would have some figures to quell what well may be old wives tales , they need facts and figures they can hang their hats on . To do this would be a forward step in my opinion , Good on you Kaz for raising the subject that many only speak about in whispers in back rooms. To take on some or all of the ideas put foreward would be a step foreward and progress . Now to get it from a forum level to the heads of the Societies . Bubbles
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