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  1. ive had cases of french moult only when i breed in cages not the avairy. 6 months later, (touch wood) no runners have come out in the cages.
  2. i really like the second picture in your first batch of pics
  3. i use a scraper on my "dippy thingos"
  4. timbo.1


    thats strange about the father because my males look after their young
  5. l think i know the pet shop in werribee your talking about. i have not been there for years now as i left melb but i had no problems with his budgies. when i used to go there he would also sell king quails that would have their heads bald :thumbs_up:
  6. timbo.1

    New Avairy

    in my aviaries i use natural gum tree branch's as the branch's vary in sizes and the birds enjoy chewing on the bark
  7. no do you own a scooter?
  8. my favourite colours didnt get picture of my yf1 voilet sadly has passed away dont have these birds these days as i lost interest in budgies last year due to the amount of french moult i was getting in the youngsters, (breeding in the aviary didnt give me french moult, only the cages did ) so i kept a couple and got myself cockateils, but now the budgie bug has bitten :thumbs_up:
  9. i have a similar type and they are excellent. most in 1 nite was 10. my cat loves it when the trap is emptied. lol
  10. no do you own a cat?
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