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  1. Hi Birdluv, I have 2 cages. When I had to seperate them Cheeky was in the smaller'hospital' cage. At first he was in the same room and both birds were flying onto the cage sides as if they were not there. The only way I could settle them down was to put them out of sight and sound. Because of the severity of the attack Nosher was as timid as timid, even now I can not go near his cage with out him becoming a shivering fur ball. It is going to take a while but I will try and regain his trust as he is such a joy. Cheeky no longer likes me but he was happily sitting on my daughters finger singing away as if he was the sweetest of sweetest birds. If I had to determin which of them stays I would choose Nosher and here is why:- I mentioned the various toys in my original post, one of them is a cotton rope that has a variety of wooden shapes threadded onto it with a bell on the end. Nosher started on the top of the swing, did a 720 on the way down, missed the perch and carried on down. He did not miss the blocks on a rope though! Slipping one by one (it was only the bottom two) he eventually came to the bell. He must of been stunned because he made no attempt up to this point to slow the force of gravety. Back to the bell. No toe tried to slow the downward motion, his chest feathers sped him up as they made contact. At the last possible second a beak darts out and makes contact with the clapper. With a sudden jerk and wings sending the contents of he sand tray flying every where he stops his down ward motion. For a good 10 seconds there is this stunt budgie holding on for dear life with his wings going twenty to the dozen to stop falling the last three inches between foot and floor Nosher is the Grey and Cheeky is the white lump.
  2. I can't believe that it is 8 weeks since Cheeky and Nosher entered our lives. Their home is a roomy 20"W x 24"H x 32"L so there is room for each other, there are 4 feeders with seed, nuts and sunflower seeds that are moved around for variety. One end of the cage has hoops and other hanging toys that are rotated along with toys for the bottom of the cage. there is a parrot size swing between two of the perches (one of which is a Sandy Perch) and a corner clip together percy. There is a 'nest' made of strips of paper for them to hide if necessary. Nosher loves toys and plays as with them all. Cheeky loves sliding down the sides of the swing but otherwise ignores the toys. Just over 4 weeks ago Cheeky started with the agro, going for Nosher's feet, pulling feathers, yet they were still feeding each other regularly during the day. At first I put it down to them looking at who was the top cock. The fighting got worse and in the end no matter where Nosher went Cheeky was following with open beak slashing and stabbing especially at the head and eyes. It got to the point where Nosher was bleeding from cuts and was jumpy at the slightest movement. After reading previous posts and other boards (I am more at home here ) along with my vet, the decision was made to move Cheeky out for a few days and to try them againg after a few days. Well the few days are over and Cheeky is back in the main cage along with Nosher and they were all over each other at first. Now the bickering has started again. I am at a loss because I cannot keep them apart permently as I do not have the resources to keep two cages permently going all the time, in different parts of the house. At the same time the sound of both birds calling out to each other all day is heart breaking. Nosher even stopped playing! I do not know what the next step to take is apart from re-homing one of them.
  3. Here are the 2 rascals as promised. Nosher is guarding Cheeky which is farly normal for these two. EDIT As promised more natural couloured images that really do capture these two loveable characters.
  4. Thank you for your welcome. Also thank you for your advice it has been comforting to the family especially my daughter. I will try and get her to start an account and join in herself. I should of said about their sex's when I asked sorry. Cheeky (the albino) is unclear as the Cere is blue at the top and brown at the bottom with lilac in between. Nosher is male with a solid blue cere. Nosher is a klutz take yesterday evening. Their cage is large enough for the two of them with a corner perch that has a larger hole than my fist and about 10 rungs up and 2 sections back is a main undulating perch. On the other side of their home (I do not like cage) there is another perch with a swing large enough for a parakeet that has a sand papered dowel in between. Now that the scene is set here we go. Cheeky did a double hop through the swing to the other long perch via the swing. Nosher thought he could go one better and not bother with the swing and make the journey in one hop. Needless to say he did not make it and with a chirp had to fly up just missing the bottom. So it was 1-0 to Cheeky. Nosher was not happy and squawked in frustration. The corner perch caught 'his' eye. So down he reached and the perch was out of reach of his stretched open beak. Losing his balance reaching down a little flap recovered 'him' and his dignity was restored. Then he tried again and once a gain a small flap of his wings restored 'his' composure. Not learning 'his' lesson from the other two goes he stretched out that little bit further and swung down. Missing the corner perch for a third time down 'he' continued until claws lost their grip. Mid fall there was this suppressed chirp from Nosher and Cheeky just burst into song as if laughing. Fortunately Nosher was not hurt and he went straight back to his favourite pass time. Eating! We count our selves fortunate that we have two wonderful birds to enrich our lives.
  5. Hello, I have given into my daughter and allowed to new feathery additions to my family. It has been over 30 years since I had any birds and well my 11 daughter had been nagging with backup from mum for a budgie for her 12 birthday. I gave in and 2 avian friends have been made welcome to my family. I know they are unlikley to talk but I would rather have a content budgie than a lonely one. I have bought a couple of books before getting the new arivals to the family, which has been a good source of revision for me. I had forgotten how much these small feathery bundles can add to a family so though I originally said no I am glad that we have these comical charecters. I will add pictures later of 'Cheeky' albino Budgie and 'Nosher' a grey (same age differnet clutch). Both birds are about 14 weeks old according to my local (decent) pet supplier. that care about the animals that pass through thier hands and are pet owners themselves.The grey really named himself (Nosher) because that is all he does nosh. Both have a habit of going for food from the same hopper at the same time. This of course adds some rivalry to meal times but overall they get a fair share. Not content with this Nosher has developed a habit over the last few days. He steals food. Not from the hopper but from Cheeky. Nosher is using the reflex that chicks use for feeding from thier parents, so he is literally stealing food from Cheeky. This is not covered in the books that I have, nore can I remember our birds from when I was a youngster sucessfully breeding budgies (at the time we have 40 breeding pairs, 2 Indian Ring Necks and 2 Austrailian Parakeets.). As it stands I do not think there is any real concern but I thought I would rather make sure than risk any harm to the birds as it not a light decision bringing them into the family. So from the noisy 2 and myself Hello
  6. Thankyou for the great information.
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