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  1. Thanks guys, I found a good price for one, just waiting on the auction now! It's a great little aviary I've got - but unfortunately it's so awkward to reach into it it makes taming difficult and I can't even imagine how I'll get back in there to rearrange stuff/change the toys around! My boyfriend's mum wants it though and is gunna pay me what I paid for it, so it all works out in the end!
  2. Before I got my budgies, I had intended on keeping them outside - to keep the cats away from them as I didn't know where else I could put it in the house I was about to move into. It turned out we have a spare bedroom I thought I would use, but I'm not so I've put the budgies in there and am discovering the aviary I purchased just isn't practical! I'm so annoyed, I got a great deal for it on ebay but I guess since I hadn't had budgies I didn't realise it wouldn't work... This is it: It's 1650mm (h) x 900mm (w) x 600mm (d), but there's just hardly any useable space! I had to get my dad to put some hooks in the top to hang toys and the birds won't go below that top perch. Also, with the door on the side it's impossible to get in there and move stuff around. Sigh. Hopefully I'll be able to get most of what I paid back if I relist on eBay but then there's the new pressing question - what sort of cage should I get? And, aside from eBay, I don't know where to find good cages - we've got Pets at Home nearby but they don't have much selection and it's pricey! Any ideas? I'm in Melbourne (south-east suburbs) Thanks in advance! Edit: Looking at THIS ONE. Bit more than I was hoping to pay though... but they're local so I could pick it up at least...
  3. THanks guys. From what I'd read them having poop stuck is a bad thing (as in a sign of illness) and I freaked. Also read in such cases it does need to be cleaned up. She was fine later on in the day though. They're going to the vet tomorrow for a well bird check-up anyway. She is a baby though - 5-6 weeks!
  4. I got my budgies on Sunday and had them in small aviary outside on my decking - they were well sheltered and the weather has been mild. However I decided to bring them inside as we have a quiet room that's not being used and that way taming them will be much easier (if they get out then I won't lose them!). I moved them last night, made sure it was as smooth and quiet as possible but they still seemed a bit freaked out understandably. This morning I noticed JD had some poop stuck to her vent - now I'm freaking out all worried about her - could it just be stress from settling into her new home and getting moved again? She's still really nervous and hasn't settled. She seems fine otherwise, I gave her some millet and she got stuck into it and then voluntarily flew onto my finger. Also, how do I clean the poop off? I hope she's okay..
  5. amy83

    My New Babies!

    Thanks guys, looks like I got the sexes right :dbb1: I'm so excited, I just got both of them to step up! I'd tried with Turk a couple of times this morning and he wasn't having any of it, but he did it straight way just now! And JD hasn't even let me NEAR her, but after she saw Turk step up she did it on the first attempt! But then she flew out of reach afterwards so missed out on the millet. Silly birdy!
  6. I got two baby budgies on the weekend - I know it's preferable to start with one, but with my boyfriend and I both working fulltime I didn't want to take the risk of having one get all lonely being on his own all day. I think they're about 5-6 weeks old - they came out of the nest about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Turk JD I first thought they were both boys when I chose them, but soon discovered JD to be a girl. Oh well, JD on Scrubs is kind of girly anyway :dbb1: I think they've settled in today, they've started playing and making noises. I've got Turk eating seed out of my hand already, JD is not quite so brave. They're in a little aviary so they've got lots of room, it's currently outside on our decking but I'm going to bring them in - we've got a quiet room we're not using so I can keep the two cats away from them - it's been quite windy and I've been really worried that they're too cold or something (they have a little bed but so far have only worked out that they can sit on TOP of it, as opposed to IN it). Oh, they're so cute! I love them. P.S. Can anyone tell me what mutations they are?
  7. Thanks for all the replies However my problem's solved itself - I just won one of these aviaries on ebay for $180 which I'm stoked with! Small enough to be able to keep it on the decking (which will provide some extra shelter) and definitely big enough for a couple of birds - although I'll just be starting off with one. I'm so excited
  8. Hi all, I'm new here. My partner's mum has offered to give us a budgie - she breeds them (I've had a couple as pets when I was a kid, but not for many years!), however the budgie would have to live with 2 indoor cats. I'm really not sure how it's going to work to be honest! My cats would definitely try to get at the cage, and I don't know how I could keep them away from it? Any suggestions? The only other option is to keep the budgie outside, but that would mean getting an aviary which puts the cost up a fair bit! Thanks in advance
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