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  1. Hi,

    I have friends who want a budgie and they are leaving tomorrow(15th Jan),

    so if you know what sex this budgie is please tell me ASAP, and if you don't know say you are not sure.

    The four pics are all one bird.











  2. I don't know that answer, but all I know is I WANT ONE !!!! Pretty birds.




    Hey, the first one is for sale, i have sold the others though. I live near Taree (Australia) so that poses a problem for chrissy! I am going to breed the parents again, so I will look forward to the colours i get next time.

    Thanks guys,


  3. the picture is not small? i think its a male but not 100 percent sure . oh and if someone says otherwise , listen to them not me :lol: i hope this helped xxElisexx
    It was small, I just changed it!Yeah I had a breeder say it was a boy in person, i was just not sure!
    How old is it and what mutation is it?Looks like a baby female cere to me or an adult male. But Im probably wrong.
    It is a baby, I dont know anything about mutations
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