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  1. I bought a clearwing for $10, as the man selling them had so many like that he wanted to get rid of some, and i got a very nice yellow clearwing last time i bred him.
  2. oh no not another hard one!!! I Think girl but not sure
  3. hey, You forgot the next question Do you have a best Friend who loves Budgies?
  4. Last night for being silly when I should have been in bed! Do you like Lutino Budgies?
  5. Man Alive!!!! No I have never seen one like that! Did you breed him? WOW Kirsty
  6. Its Seaspray! Thanks Kazzy, and everyone else, it was a hard choice. PS: Let me know if the rating doesn't show up, i think i have done it right!
  7. 111. When all the new posts say" last post was .....(your name)"
  8. oh thats so sad, I have my cage under the veranda, and i spray my budgie's. kirsty
  9. I need a good name for this hen, The person who says the best name will receive a five star rating, The green'blue colour on her back is on her tummy aswell.
  10. Hey, I like, Skye Bluie, or Bluey (that was the first word my Budgie learnt!) Blueberry for long. Sparkle Bubbles Sea or Ocean Enjoy your new Budgie!
  11. Well, I personally thought it was a boy, because of the blue on its cere. So what criteria do you use? Thanks Kirsty
  12. Hi, I have friends who want a budgie and they are leaving tomorrow(15th Jan), so if you know what sex this budgie is please tell me ASAP, and if you don't know say you are not sure. The four pics are all one bird. Thanks Kirsty
  13. Hey, the first one is for sale, i have sold the others though. I live near Taree (Australia) so that poses a problem for chrissy! I am going to breed the parents again, so I will look forward to the colours i get next time. Thanks guys, Kirsty
  14. hey all, I am soooooo sorry for forgetting to tell you guys. Here are the photos of the three babies Sorry the pics are horrible
  15. Guess what colours I got from this pair. They have 3 babies Cock Hen I will post a photo of the babies when you have guessed! Thanks Kirsty
  16. I need to know what sex these budgie's are this morning, as i have a lady coming to look at them after her kids go to school, 1 2
  17. It was small, I just changed it!Yeah I had a breeder say it was a boy in person, i was just not sure! It is a baby, I dont know anything about mutations
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