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  1. Hi all, The Dad has taken over the feeding, but he is not sitting on the 1 remaining baby, one of Lemons chicks is 3 days older and is twice the size and its eyes are open, but this ones eyes are not open, and it is half the size of lemons baby that is 3 days older. The baby has not grown any bigger since the hen died, and the dad took over. HELP PLEASE Kirsty
  2. Was this her third clutch in a row ? I had trouble with the water with her last clutch, so i have changed that daily, I have given her a break between her clutches of about 2 months. Kirsty
  3. 10 days old, eyes still closed, and the same size as the other hens 7day chicks.
  4. The Hen was all fluffed up, and poopy bottom, Will the remaining chick be okay if the dad does not sit on it to keep it warm? Thanks Kirsty
  5. Blossom was showing signs of being sick, so i immediately separated her, and the Dad took over the feeding, but one chick died this morning, as he was not sitting on them overnight, but he does sit on them in the day. Blossom also died yesterday. I have another hen I have been thinking of fostering the 1 remaining baby to, but what if the baby is sick? It might make the foster mothers babies sick? The Dad is still feeding it, but not siting on it, so it feels cold. Kirsty
  6. The Babies are 7,5, & 3 days old, I have fostered the youngest as it is the same size as the forster parents chicks, and the first hen is now feeding her two remaining chicks. Thanks Kirsty
  7. My hen is not feeding her babies, and she sits beside them in the nest box, so they are cold. I have another hen with two babies, should i put them in with her? Kirsty More info: She has sucessfully raised two previous clutches. Has a supportive mate.
  8. I have not seen Lemon chuck them out, so i suppose it would have been blossom, will she stop that now that she has an egg herself? Thankyou Kirsty
  9. Lemon chucked the two eggs out just after she laid the second egg, so she hadn't started sitting yet. She has a supportive partner, in an aviary with another breeding pair (who now have one egg). She seems very healthy. We have had some hot weather, but now it is cool - but it wasn't really that hot where we are, so I don't think that would be the problem. Lemon had chucked one egg out, and then I changed the nest box, because she had made a hole in the bottom, and then she chucked the second egg out. The last clutch are now four months old, so she did get a rest without the nest boxes for a few months. Thanks for your help, maybe she will lay some more eggs especially now that her neighbours have one egg (do they know when others lay eggs ???????) Thankyou. Kirsty
  10. My hen has chucked two eggs out of her nest box onto the ground, and they have broken, but she does not eat them, What do I do? She has had 1 clutch previously very succesfully. Thanks Kirsty
  11. Thanks guys, The cock has been talking to her a bit more now, but he is intimidated when she pecks him. I have two show Quality birds that I have paired up, and it was love at first sight! Thanks Kirsty
  12. I have four Budgie's, I have paired them up TODAY and they dont like each other, but they dont fight, they just avoid each other, Will they finally pair up? I want to keep them as pairs, as they are good colours together, What do I do? Thanks Kirsty
  13. Thanks guys, How do I know if a grey bird is split for ino? Please excuse my ignorance but what is ino? Thanks Kirsty
  14. How long do you quarantine your budgie's for, when you get new ones for your aviary?
  15. Hey you should enter this photo in Budgie of the month! Its so cute
  16. Yes, Have you been on a dolphin cruise?
  17. Yesterday, When was the last time you bred a lutino Budgie?
  18. What colour bird should I breed her with so I get some Albino's? Thanks Kirsty
  19. Today, maths Have you got a lutino Budgie?
  20. I want a cool name for my albino hen, and Can I breed her with a white/blue cock? Will they have albino babies?
  21. Here is the link to enter your photo in the budgie of the month! Have fun! Good luck! http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....showtopic=24065
  22. Don't sell them to early, i agree with everyone else, Yesterday I saw 5 budgies in the pet shop all huddled in the corner as if it was a nest box, they were way to young to be away from their parents
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