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  1. WELCOME Enjoy the website!
  2. Wow, I would love an Electus Parrot
  3. Wish I had birds as nice as them....good luck
  4. WOW, Sounds like your birds have been busy....
  5. I love your (my) budgies Especialty the pied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi, I would like someone to make me a signature out of my budgie photos, please PM me if you would like to do it. The person who design's the best one, i will give them a 5 star rating, Thanks, Kirsty
  7. Sorry to post more cere's, but I am so confused, haha Thanks Kirsty 1 2
  8. They are very nice looking babies, Good luck Kirsty
  9. ... or the battery runs out cus you have been waiting to long, lol
  10. Yay, I never thought I would win Budgie Of The Month, Thanks everyone I took this photo when I had two of my older chicks inside, and this one didn't like the camera. Kirsty
  11. The baby does still have the father, who feeds it quite well, but does not keep the baby warm. I am worried about putting it in with other chicks, because its mother died recently, and the baby might have the same "disease". It might pass this on to the other chicks. The mother died a week ago, so he has lasted for a week, and is starting to grow some down at last, but only just starting. I just want to warm him up somehow, without cutting the father off. Perhaps he can go in with the other chicks, now that he has lasted a week? He is 18 days old. I would like to put him in with the other chicks, do you think it is safe by now? Thanks, Kirsty.
  12. I have a baby Budgie inside, but he is really cold at night, how do i keep him warm? He has a shoebox, with an old piece of towel in it, but he shivers all night, and he is half the size of Lemons babies, and they are 3 days older than him.(he is 1 & 1/2 weeks, they are 1 week) Kirsty
  13. Is there food in its crop ? If not it needs crop feeding. If you cant do it then you need to get the chick to someoneone who can. He always has heaps of food in his crop. He sits in the box all night without any warmth, as the dad does not sit on him, how do you recommend i keep him warm at night? Kirsty
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