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  1. Yay, I love Blue Spangle too, well actually I love all budgies in general :)


    These are one of my pet pairs, so I am hoping my show type birds will breed soon, although I don't plan to show them, I just love them too!


    Here is a photo from ages ago of the parents... The hen has black eyes not red, so she is a DF white I think



  2. I am so excited, after ages of waiting I finally have two :nest: , and am hoping they will lay 6 as they are first parents :)

    I will post pics of the parents soon.

    laid on the 19...etc of Sep, they should hatch on the 7th etc...

    I can't wait to see what colours they turn out as the hen is a DF white, i think :huh: , although I dont know much about all the types, and the cock is a sky blue recessive pied. :)

    so now I have a waiting game... B)


    Yay :D

    Kirsty :bliss:

  3. Hi there,


    I have a few herbs growing in my garden. Basil and Mint are faves for my birds. They also enjoy raw broccolli and silverbeet. Plus wholegrain bread and apple.

    I give these as treats more than nutritional musts myself, as I get a mix of seed and birdie biscuits that should cover them. I also give them a "golden fruit" mixture for variety.



    Thanks for Answering my post, Do you feed your birds wholegrain bread dry? or soaked in Milk?

    I will start giving them basil and mint and Broccolli, and see if they like it.


    Thanks again for answering me as I am going to buy fruit and veges for my birds today, and now know what to get them!

    Kirsty :P I have been so confused about their nutrition :P

  4. Hey Everyone,

    I am going to breed my Budgie's this Sunday, and I have been giving them fruit and veges,

    but I'm not sure if they are getting the correct vitamins and minerals.

    I don't have much money to use on them as I am still in school and I don't have a job,

    but I use as much as I can to keep them healthy


    I don't like giving them meat products, so I was going to give them soaked mashed Soy Beans as protein

    With a mixture of the below fruits and veges:






    A small bit of celery every now and then


    Sunflower Seeds

    Wholemeal Bread soaked in Soy Milk (haven't used this yet. Should I??)


    I have been breeding for a few years but have just recently been wondering if I the birds are getting all the things they need when they need them


    Looking Forward to Your replies.


  5. Wonderful............soon you can breed them again..........I usually breed mine at the end of July, but we are going away so I have to wait until the first or second week in August...... :) I can't wait to see the babies I get out of the birds i'm breeding this season....

  6. I was just wondering if I should breed him with a violet I bred. I will try and take a good photo of him.



    This is the hen, but it is one of her when she was a baby, they are both now about 2 years old, and I would like to breed them for the first time....






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