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  1. Yay, I love Blue Spangle too, well actually I love all budgies in general These are one of my pet pairs, so I am hoping my show type birds will breed soon, although I don't plan to show them, I just love them too! Here is a photo from ages ago of the parents... The hen has black eyes not red, so she is a DF white I think
  2. I am so excited, after ages of waiting I finally have two :nest: , and am hoping they will lay 6 as they are first parents I will post pics of the parents soon. laid on the 19...etc of Sep, they should hatch on the 7th etc... I can't wait to see what colours they turn out as the hen is a DF white, i think , although I dont know much about all the types, and the cock is a sky blue recessive pied. so now I have a waiting game... Yay Kirsty :bliss:
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm Planning on doing that same course next year, and then going on to become a veterinary nurse. Good luck to you both (Splat and Sunshine)
  4. Thanks for Answering my post, Do you feed your birds wholegrain bread dry? or soaked in Milk? I will start giving them basil and mint and Broccolli, and see if they like it. Thanks again for answering me as I am going to buy fruit and veges for my birds today, and now know what to get them! Kirsty I have been so confused about their nutrition
  5. Hey Everyone, I am going to breed my Budgie's this Sunday, and I have been giving them fruit and veges, but I'm not sure if they are getting the correct vitamins and minerals. I don't have much money to use on them as I am still in school and I don't have a job, but I use as much as I can to keep them healthy I don't like giving them meat products, so I was going to give them soaked mashed Soy Beans as protein With a mixture of the below fruits and veges: Corn Carrot Apple Beetroot? A small bit of celery every now and then Silverbeet Sunflower Seeds Wholemeal Bread soaked in Soy Milk (haven't used this yet. Should I??) I have been breeding for a few years but have just recently been wondering if I the birds are getting all the things they need when they need them Looking Forward to Your replies. Kirsty
  6. yes, I love them.... Do you have more than 50 Budgies?
  7. Wonderful............soon you can breed them again..........I usually breed mine at the end of July, but we are going away so I have to wait until the first or second week in August...... I can't wait to see the babies I get out of the birds i'm breeding this season....
  8. Good luck with breeding them....
  9. I have been impatient, but have decided to wait, as I am only a beginner, and don't want unwanted trouble on my hands. I cant wait to breed mine.....have fun when you do.
  10. this morning, lol Have you ever won a champion Budgie award?
  11. I was just wondering if I should breed him with a violet I bred. I will try and take a good photo of him. This is the hen, but it is one of her when she was a baby, they are both now about 2 years old, and I would like to breed them for the first time.... IS SHE A VIOLET?
  12. The hen is not an albino, as she does not have red eyes, I think she is a DF Spangle. does anyone have a picture of a blue spangle? Similar to the babies they would produce? I am terrible with my varieties, sorry Thanks
  13. What are this Budgie's strengths? and Weaknesses??
  14. I Love your Blue and White Pairs, and all the rest of course!!!
  15. WOW, She is so pretty, I have bred two males like her-Awesome
  16. You have very nice birds! You too KAZ, don't be so hard on yourself. You should see mine, I am the one that has the long way to go!
  17. I agree, its nice to put a face to a name!
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