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  1. I am using Avion, I think that is how to spell it, the Pet Shop divide it up themselves. Hi Budgieloverkirsty,I'm also hand feeding two young ones practically the same age as yours! I'm now feeding them 3 times a day but you could do 4 if you wanted, I don't think you really need to do more than that though unless you feel they're not eating enough. I try to even it out as much as possible so they get feed about 8am, 1pm and 6pm.I use the instructions for the formula as a guide only. I heat up the water then add small amounts to the food stirring it in until I get the thickness that I like. I
  2. If it seems too runny change it, but also be aware that runny poos might mean they are getting tummy bugs too and you must be careful to keep all feeding utensils clean. Never reheat left over formula either as it can introduce bacteria to their gut. I am worried that they might not get enough liquid if I make it thicker?
  3. Never give up, at least you have somewhere to do it if all else fails To join the group I have created go to: http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/animalstudies/ That should let you join it. Kirsty
  4. Thanks KAZ, It does say that on the packet, I am doing what they say for this age, but it stills seems too runny.
  5. Thanks. The babies like it too.Mine would run in and out of the nest playing it was quite funny. AWWW How cute
  6. I am hand feeding two babies, and I am giving them a formula from the pet shop, and I am doing what the recipe says: 1 part food, 2 parts water, but they are three weeks old and have runny poos since I have been feeding them. Can I make it thicker than the recipe says? They always seem to be hungry, and im wondering if it is because there is more water than food in the mix? How often do I have to feed them? Do I have to wake up in the night to feed them? They have been waking me up about 6am to be fed, and their crops are empty. How often should i heat their wheatbag? I usually do it e
  7. Sad news, I thought she had fed them but she hadnt, as she went in the nest box, I left her as long as I thought would be okay, but had to bring them out to hand raise them, the youngest one is now the oldest one in another nest, and I am hand feeding the two others. Thanks KAZ, I will ask you guys first! I am sure you all know heaps more than most people. Kirsty
  8. I agree with the other two, I also usually put some sort of platform at the opening as I usually have one or two come out early, so if they come out they can find their way back in, rather than being on the ground. Kirsty
  9. Thanks Kaz, My Dad has been suggesting it for a while, and I didn't really think it would be okay, but I was stupid and did it anyway I have put them back as they were, and the Hen has fed 2 of the 3 babies, so fingers crossed, I will NEVER make that mistake again Kirsty
  10. My Dad sugested I let the parents out in the aviary, as their cabinet is in the aviary and their are no birds in there, so I did, but they did not go back in the cabinet, so I have put them back in there and the hen is not feeding them, she has been back in for 4 hours What do I do? Is there something I could hand feed them with, from home, as we are a long way from town Kirsty
  11. Here are some pics of one of my Aviaries, I don't have photos of all of my birds, sorry Could you please tell me what type of Birds they are, and Who would breed well with who, but only if you would like to otherwise please feel free to comment on what I could work towards, As you can see I breed Pet as well as Show, but I have not showed my birds yet, they are not ready for that. Thanks Kirsty
  12. Looks like a hen to me, how very cute. Kirsty
  13. I have a placement at the best Vet in town, I am so excited, I cant wait to start in Feb next year. All those doing the course should start up a yahoo group or something? Would you like me to do that? Or is there a better system for starting a email group? Kirsty
  14. The first Bird has only just in the last couple of weeks developed her iris ring, I am not wanting to breed her I just would like to know how old she is Thanks For your Advice GB, VERY HELPFUL I appreciate all the members on this site who help me out. Kirsty
  15. Hey, Angels- 1st Blue Spangle 2nd - I think its a Blue Spangle 3rd Not sure yet, its eyes are still closed, and it is 2 weeks old, when do they usually open? Pepper had 8 eggs, 1, 2 and 3 have hatched, and 4 and 5 should have hatched but havent, why not? they all were fertile eggs? Storm, same as Pepper 1 and 2 have hatched, and should have 4 HELP Kirsty
  16. Pepper has three babies, Storms are due tomorrow, and Angels three are growing fast! I should have some pics tomorrow, sorry
  17. How old is this Budgie? Is this Budgie in Condition?
  18. Pair two have 8 eggs, Pair 3 have 7 eggs, How many can they keep warm?
  19. Thankyou all for answering my questions, Angel has three babies, and they all look healthy, so I don't expect any problems. Sorry I have been recharging my batteries, so I should have some pics soon. Kirsty
  20. Hey Everyone, I am still waiting for the third egg to hatch, as Angel laid the first and second at 2 day intervals and then waited 4 days to lay the third why did she do this? Will it cause a problem in the nest as 1 and 2 will be so much bigger than the third? I have no forster nests, as they all started at different times and all the others have eggs with no babies yet. Thanks Kirsty
  21. Hi Everyone, I have mysixbabies budgies at my house! Pair one have no eggs yet, but she is constantly in and out of the nest, there are no signs of being egg bound? Pair two have 6 eggs, the first one is due to hatch next Saturday Pair 3 have 5 eggs, and they should lay the sixth today! So that is m6b's news from her Budgies! Kirsty
  22. The second egg hatched! Now waiting for the third
  23. Yay, Angel's first egg hatched yesterday, so the next one is due tomorrow. I am so excited! Kirsty =D
  24. Yay, The first egg should hatch tomorrow! I can't wait!