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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. As to the point Elly made about quarantining the birds thats a very good idea as I have only had them for a couple of weeks and the single female is only a newcomer (couldn't leave it at an odd number ). The best option then is to probably hold off and get a larger cage and house them all together some time next month. I was thinking about doing that anyway and after seeing some of the awesome setups that people here have for thier birds I was sold to the idea. Thanks again for the advice. I'm sure I will be asking for plenty more in the near future.
  2. The cage with the 3 budgies is too small for 4 but the other cage would be large enough for 2. If the better option is to hold off and get a larger cage and put all four together then thats what I will do. I just wanted to give the other male a chance at the good life with as little stress as possible as the poor bugger has been stuck as the 3rd wheel for about 4 yrs.
  3. I recently came to own 3 budgies that have been living together in a single cage for 4 yrs or so. There are 2 males and a single female. I also have another female in separate cage. Would it be too stressful to take one of the males out and house it with my other female? One of the males appears to have bonded more with the female than the other. The one that was less bonded was the one I wanted to move. or would it be easier to put the lone female in with the other three? Any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated as I would like to keep the birds stress levels to a minimum.
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    Well another newbie to the world of budgie keeping. Currently have 4 budgies pretty sure they are 2male and two female unfortunately no pictures to share as yet. Just wanted to introduce myself before I start picking your brains.
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