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  1. Oh my goodness! I remember you! (I haven't been here for sooooooooo many years either). So glad that you're back and still have birds!
  2. Hi, Welcome to the familiy! Can't wait to hear from you more. And see pics.... Katie
  3. Hi Backlash, The more new people we can get on here, the better. I used to be a very active member when the forum was thriving and was quite dissapointed when I came back to find everything so quiet and...dead... Hope you can help to revive it again! So sorry for your loss and can't wait to hear more of your journey. Katie
  4. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your birdie journey. The babies will be fine. I've never had any chicks injured when they leave the nest box. Good luck!
  5. There is a chick! Looks like it was hatched today, probably just minutes or hours ago. I am very pleasantly surprised. Will post pics when I get the chance.
  6. Two weeks since the first egg was laid. Five. Still haven't determined if any of them are going to hatch - I can't find a decent light to candle with. Eggs keep rolling forward in the nest box. I am going to have to fix the base. I have a removable base with a slight indent in it but it's obviously not doing the trick. So, not knowing which or how many of the eggs have rolled forwards, I'm not sure how many are going to hatch. Fella is a first time Mum so I'm not expecting great things of her at this stage. Fingers crossed though.
  7. One egg laid in the top box yesterday I believe. Fella's. Not sure if it will make it though because somehow it got tiny dent-cracks in it. Felt fertile though so I'll just leave it there and see what happens.
  8. okay. Finally have the 'add a picture' option back onscreen! Here we go! Pair 1, Fella and Cheeky are getting close to starting their family. Cheeky has mated Fella - numerous times - and she has been spending ALLOT of time in the nest box. The oats are all chewed up and kicked out and she looks very cute when she peeks out at you! Also seen him feeding her once or twice. Still waiting but looking forward to babies! Pair 2, Echo and Able aren't quite as 'advanced' as the others but Echo has been spending more time in the next box and chew chew chewing so I'm hoping they won't be too far behind the others. JUST WANT TO SEE EGGS!!!!!! Fella and Cheeky Fella
  9. So spring is here and I don't see anymore activity on the forum. Have we all lost our 'first love'? Haha.

  10. Pair 1, Fella and Cheeky are getting close to starting their family. Cheeky has mated Fella - numerous times - and she has been spending ALLOT of time in the nest box. The oats are all chewed up and kicked out and she looks very cute when she peeks out at you! Looking forward to babies!https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-bkY7LEy24Rs/VDneWpNZ1uI/AAAAAAAACKA/6mK7wzU14Zs/w603-h400-no/DSC_9272.jpghttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-HDjSQ5YlZhc/VDneExKvpSI/AAAAAAAACJ4/_TNUmK_1Szg/w603-h400-no/DSC_9294.jpgSorry about the links...my internet is playing up and the adding a picture option isn't working for me.
  11. okay, so I decided that I should put two pairs down to breed. Fella (F) and Cheeky (M): Echo and Able:
  12. Hi JimmyBanks and everyone else, all my birds are doing well. Sadly, the elder of the two 'A' chicks died some time ago. The mother bird (Aussie) dissapeared one day and we never found a trace of her. No idea how she could have gotten out of the cage (pretty much impossibly) and no sign of feathers or anything inside the cage so that remains a mystery that we will probably never solve. Chick A2 is doing well, holding her own among our seven other birds that we have at the moment. This morning actually, I put a new pair down to breed in a makeshift breeding cage. They are the only paired birds I have at the moment and I'm more then happy with their choice of partners. I can't wait to keep you updated on them and I hope that they will breed some beautiful chicks for me. (Pics to follow...)
  13. Dandy Sandy Anzac Echo Aussie - RIP
  14. Hi Trev, I'm not real pro at mutations yet...still learning ... but I've been told that she is an Opaline Grey Wing. Aussie - Green Spangle Able - VF Cobalt Dominant Pied Billy - Olive green and the other's I'd love help with
  15. Hi Everyone, Seeing as I have had some fluctuations and changes in my little flock lately, I thought you'd enjoy a post full of photos of who I have. Able Aussie Sandy Billy Cheeky Anzac Dandy Echo {On Left} There are two more but I don't have photos of them yet. Happy day!
  16. All done. Sadly, the eldest chick died unexpectedly almost a week ago. The youngest chick has been released into the aviary and seems to be doing great! Anzac I think the sister called him.
  17. looks aweful! i hope you can get into a different vet!
  18. fledged!

    1. Budgie_Mad


      One of the most exciting parts, congrats!

    2. mysixbabies
  19. They are lovely. I can't wait to be able to breed them Mirella and Geoff (a pair and named after the couple we bought them from.) so we have a cobalt normal, a sky normal and........??????
  20. Alright everyone, the moment has come. They chickies are feathering up quickly and I'm asking for your feedback about mutations and colours and sexes. A1: (female, green spangle??? I dunno! haha! Do they get split for pied???) A2: (male, olive green, dominant pied???) Father: Mother:
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