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  1. she's adorablee! so lucky you have such a friendly little baby
  2. so sorry to hear about pastelle! (
  3. haha, fizzy looks adorable!
  4. ^ haha, she does look half green and half blue.
  5. hehe hi keetcrazy! and thanks for those pictures the pie! it's very clear now
  6. WOW! another IBer! where i'm from IB is very rare. most american schools are taken with AP. good luck on your exams!
  7. sue

    New Avairy

    thanks for the reply kaz and feathers!
  8. sue

    Hi Everyone.

    thanks for the warm welcome everyone! elly that’s so cool! i’ve met a couple who has adopted a korean baby too! though he’s still only 4 now.
  9. ooh, so show budgies really are a lot bigger! and sorry elly, i didn't mean the throat spots, but the fluffiness of the throat feathers. haha. but what you say makes sense... and i'm sorry about pretty!
  10. thanks! were merlin's "throat" feathers always naturally like that? he never looked like a non-english budgie? and could you describe how they're different personality/health wise?
  11. how can i differentiate between a baby american budgie and a baby english budgie? do english budgies look poofy even when they're very young? i'm asking this because english budgies' appearances don't particularly appeal to me, and so i'd like to avoid choosing one not knowing that it's an english budgie. thanks in advance!
  12. they're all so cute! glad to hear they're doing well.
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