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  1. Yes indeed, Charley talks in his sleep, very softly...its the cutest thing! He's definitely asleep and trying hard to keep his balance, sometimes it looks like if he nods any further forward he's going to fall off his perch. I sometimes just stop and watch him, he looks so cute!
  2. I found the same with Charley. Initially I had no mirrors, now 2 years later he has totallly bonded with me and even though he has a few shiny toys that he can see himself in and has bonded with also, I am still number one. He comes straight to me and only cuddles up to his mirrors when I'm not paying him attention. So I think maybe the secret is no mirrors at all initially but perhaps it seems to be okay once he has totally bonded with you. Charley also prefers to be in his cage and I have to entice him to come out, he'll play outside it for a little while but then flies straight back in. I'm happy with that as he feels happy and secure in his cage.
  3. And whats more... they look like they're having fun!!!! LOVE it!!! :grouphug:
  4. How embarrassed am I!!!! I was dying to see what "budgie shoes" looked like and was trying to imagine how you would get them on your bird!!
  5. Nothing nicer than watching a budgie at play! Charley comes to work with me (in cage) and amuses all the people in the office with his antics. He plays games with the guys, if they wiggle the olympic rings from the top of the cage he goes berserk! I dont know if he's telling them off, or if he's enjoying it. He has a "toy box", a little plastic dish in which I put all his toys, some small budgie toys as well as keys, paperclips, pen tops, key tags, bulldog clips.. anything small. As soon as his toys are all neatly in his 'box' he takes them all out one by one, muttering as he goes .. then when they're out he throws them around, and you see things flying around and crash landing on the floor of the cage or sometimes in his water dish (that's a "goal"!). He then looks at it with one eye... his little head cocked... as he works out how to best fish it out. We watch him for hours.. very little work gets done in my office.... needless to say I'd better not tell you where it is!! (its to do with "law enforcement"!!! )
  6. Sorry .. know NOTHING about this..... but whatever they are... they are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!
  7. My Charley speaks very well and finds it very easy to say his name. In fact he says it so much it drives me crazy!! Everything is Charley this, Charley that... "good morning Charley.. you look nice today!" "hello Charley" "Goodbye Charley" "Charley's a pretty budgie".. "Charleys a bad bad boy" "Charley's good!" "Charley's mummy's boy" (hooray.. I get a mention!!) ....and sometimes??? Just "Charley, Charley, Charley"!!!!!! Mind you I believe depending on the skill of the budgie I think they can learn to say almost anything! I'm sure there'll be many replies from others on this forum whose budgies can say their name!!
  8. Charley does that too. I cover him, then I've tried to wait with turning off the light till I know he's on his swing, but he tends to wait till I turn out the light, before I THEN hear him climbing up the side of the cage to his swing. It's almost like he doesnt want me to see him going to bed!! But what he does, is then give a soft little chirp, as if to say "I'm right now!" I generally wait till I hear that little chirp then I say "Good night Charley, its bedtime", he gives another little "chirp" and that's when I leave him. I think your little guy may be doing the same!!
  9. I wish to enter Charley's photo in this month's Budgie of the Month. . Hopefully this is the correct thread!!! PEEKABOO!!!
  10. Charley who usually come to the office with me and home at the end of the day is now staying in the office overnight, except for weekends (I couldnt part with him for a whole weekend!). In the office (where he's happy as he's there every day!). . he is at least in a consistently cool climate.. today in Woomera we're expecting 39 degrees again, gradually going up to 43 by Saturday. Evenings are "quiet" here without him but at least I know he's comfortable..and when I walk into the office he's chatting away merrily, but his little feathered face DOES light up when he sees me again! Friday afternoon will again be too hot to take him home (at 4pm, expecting 42 degrees) so I'll probably make an extra trip on Saturday morning when its relatively cool, to bring him home for the weekend. How do you all cope who have "outside" aviaries???
  11. The vet advised me earlier this year to take Charley off birdseed and put him on pellets (sayinghe was a little overweight). She said birdseed is not a natural feed for birds ..I found this strange. She also said not to mix the two as then he would still go for the seed. I tried the pellets, he wouldnt even look at them and I also didnt want to starve him so I gave the pellets to someone else with birds and went back to the birdseed. I have changed to Canary seed but have since read on here that Finch Mix is better?
  12. I too agree with the above. I bought Maxie from petshop, could not tame her no matter how I tried. She was terrified of humans and aggresive (out of fear no doubt). Even after 12 months she was still the same towards me. I bought Charley from a breeder however and he's the tamest, most sociable, adorable budgie I've ever 'met'! The breeder was not a well known or show breeder, probably what one would call a "backyard" breeder but obviously he bred his birds with lots of love, affection and care, as Charley was totally hand reared (as were most of his other birds) and is so well adjusted and content. I'm no expert but have always put it down to where they were purchased .. i.e. well cared for but "loveless" petshop compared to loving, caring breeder.
  13. Congratulations GB.. You had my vote!! Cutest picture!!!
  14. Thanks Liv.. I will make sure I'm more careful from now on! I think it was the extremes of the 40 degrees and hot wind, then next day 20 degrees... and of course the air conditioning, and my BIGGEST mistake, spraying him with cool water!! How awful to think that you yourself have possibly caused him to get sick! Talk about guilt.. as Maesie said!! You think "how could I have been so stupid!!" I will be more careful. I have felt now what it's like to think you are going to lose your precious buddy!! To update.. he's perfectly fine now.. I've still got the drops in his water, thought I might keep that up for a few days. I never thought I would be so excited to find a little pile of droppings below his "bed" (swing) this morning! Phew!! And to hear that first little bell ringing (when he wakes up, before I take his cover off, he always softly rings the little bell on his swing... that tells me he's awake). When you are so devastated faced with a suddenly sick budgie and you know not where to turn... so comforting to even get onto the forum and talk to someone who understands!! Thank you!!
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