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  1. Yellow budgie thinking: " I am so jealous"
  2. I have to wait a week to get him because he is getting weened. I wish I could of got a video of him he is just so darn cute. Budgielover
  3. I don't know what to say but...... I did not get a budgie. When i got to the store I saw a wonderful Quaker parakeet. I feel like I decived all of you and I am sorry. I just loved the personality of him.
  4. I am going to try to get my budgie today. I am trying to get my mom to take me to go get My budgie. I have a few questions... #1 How can I tell male from Female? #2 How should I put the budgie in the cage? should I stick my hand in the box or should I dump him out or should I do somthing else? Thanks Budgielover
  5. I love the picture with the spoon!
  6. I am starting a new exersize trend!
  7. Wait one second I am not ready for my picture to be taken!!!
  8. Very good job! That is alot of eggs
  9. Very nice pictures. I love the flying one! I also think the wing in the picture are cool.
  10. I have a question Birdluv, where do you get the pictures?
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