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  1. Hi all, its been so long since I have been here...good to be back!! I still have my two babies. Beep and Nanook but Nanook took very kindly to Beep and decided to move in with her one day, so they have been a couple for about 4 months. since then they have been soaking their seed and by the end of the day the water dish is full of seeds. There has been days that I can change out their water 5-7 times in one day. They let me know when its full by screaming uncontrollably until I go and investigate what they need. In all my birds I have never had this. I have had cockatoos that dipped toys in her water but not food. Any advice?
  2. He is doing fine, all healed up. it looks like he hit a dust pan as he jump to the floor. ( I was cleaning the floor after they had millet )
  3. I tried to get a picture but even with Nanook pinned it wasn't possible. He is an overactive *toddler* always busy and wanting to move. I got him to stay still long enough to feel that there is a little bump but it doesn't seem to bother him. the vet said to just keep an eye on him.
  4. Wow its been a while. I have been really busy with my new addition Nanook. I am alittle concerned about him. today I noticed that there was a bit of blood on his lower chest. but the bleeding stopped. ( a bit about Nanook- he doesn't fly, he is pretty much a budgie brick. He is a pretty daring little guy when he wants to explore. He will jump off a 3 ft. high cage to roam...with supervision. He doesn't have tail feather . That ( I think) is caused by jumping off the cage over and over again. and another bird in the lower cage helped with the process. Other then that he is eating well and very active. He is being watched very close so that he doesn't start to pick at it. could this injury be caused by anything else?
  5. Nanook is in quarantine, and is still handled. He is in my daughters room while Beep and tundra are in the family room. Extra precautions are still being taken for the safety of Beep and tundra. Thank you Poebe for the link. Everything I do I can't get it down and I have followed to instructions. I must be missing something. Potty training is in a feat of itself. A few tips: know your birds * potty language* the movements just before they go. and usually you can catch it and take him to his spot to do his business. takes a few days but it works well. after a while the bird will know and then let you know that he has to go. I have potty trained a 5 year old cockatiel and a 13 year old african grey...so its possible any age, just as long as you have the patients and time. Nanook is doing very well with training. He is certainly going to make a beautiful addition to our family
  6. Nanook is extremly comfortable with both the kids ( ages 4 and 7) , under full supervision of course. As long as you have a shoulder or a finger to sit on, he's there!! I'm working with him alot, potty training is doing great. And its only been a day!
  7. This is our new boy (I think) his name is Nanook (means cute in an inuit language) not sure how old but i don't think that old. he was a pet shop addoption yesterday http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z223/ja...er/IMG_0405.jpg
  8. Her personality has changes since I got her. She gets into everything. I'm looking for dishes she can't lift off the bars or dump when I put it on the floor of the cage.To keep both girls busy I place a small soufle dish full of pony beads and they throw them... It keeps them out of trouble for a bit anyways
  9. jackie

    Budgie Photos

    they are beautiful. Just proof that looks can be decieving
  10. I Haven't been here for a while. looks great. Tundra and Beep are doing well except the younger ( tundra) is very very destructive. Everything in their cage she has destroyed. ladders, perches, food dishes, toys etc. She can't leave anything alone. I figured with the 2 of them of course they would be mischievious. Is this normal for a budgies? Also they are in this habit of chirping while dozing off? Its cute and thank god quiet but is it normal?
  11. I was watching a bird training video and they were talking about noisy birds. A trick is to tie fish line ( to be invisible) around a wire on the cage or the cage stand and when they start yelling uncontrollably to just tug the line lightly. A few time like that and they think that every time they start to scream loudly that the cage is going to shake. So they stop. So I have been doing this for a few days now and it seems to be working. They still sing and chirp but the yelling has subsided. I CAN FINALLY HEAR MYSELF!!!
  12. Beep and tundra have many regular perches as well.
  13. I have never used sand paper perches but to keep there nails and beak conditioned I have a *cement* perch that they play on regularly and it seems to do the trick.
  14. I have 2 girls and its like they compete with eachother, the TV ,the kids, the very vocal cat.and every time we talk or just to remind me that they want there fruits and veggies. buts its not a nice chirp its a cheeky chirp.
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