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  1. Your getting about Kaz,Geelong in July & Sydney in October,
  2. Its not the first time, that NSW Judges, have stuffed up.They had a clanger ayear or 2 back.. Us Vic don't mind, it makes it easer for us to beat NSW if they don't score in a class.
  3. I have heard it all now,What is Don Burke,trying to do, the same as he did to some of the Dog breeds., Its a money making exercise.It will be lucky to get off the ground.Miniture Budgie Shows.What next.!!!!!!!!!
  4. I was going to say, if they were rung birds.But thought that they would not of been that dumb,But it seem they were,I hope the BVC,takes them to task. :rolleyes:
  5. Yes GB,any one that keeps them alive, are not being kind to the birds.
  6. You would like to think not.I hope they spoke the the person, & explained to them. the problem those Mops have.
  7. I would like to think, that some one told them or reported them, for having those birds for sale &the person who took them to the shop.I would like to think they were not a Member of the BCV. If they are they need a big rap over the knuckles.
  8. I was banned once before over Mops.It is cruel to let them live & for some one to have them in a Pet Shop & to be selling them They should be reported & taken to the cleaners.Name & Shame is the least that could be done.I could say a lot more.But I will leave it at that.
  9. Give us a name & I might be able to say if he/she is a show breeder,or just a breeder that buys rings & they may not be worth the money you pay.???
  10. macka


    Yes that's the Man.The other one is John Scoble,I think that's his surname.????
  11. macka


    Budboy,I think there is a couple of good breeders,around your area,You need to go on to the NSW Budgie site & look up the club in your area.
  12. The Python,will love your Budgies.Will make for as good snack.
  13. I think you better read a lot more about the Budgie,would be a good idea,
  14. Take a plan of what your going to do & get it in writing the okay. So down the track for what ever reason,you have the proof of the of the Councils approval
  15. Yes if the nabours complain & it is not to council. regulation you will have to move it,also in some area's you are not aloud to keep, birds or Poultry & by your photo's it looks to be a new area.Better check before you start, if you haven't already.There are a lot of Council laws these days as to what you can do in your back yard.
  16. A shot of fly spray under the wings might do the trick as well.Or put him in a paper bag, with his head out & spray fly spray into the Bag.
  17. I know this is only a typos or spelling gaff, but ya gotta laugh when trying to picture budgies or birds eating palletts..wooden they get splinters LMAO :D That's what happens, when your spell check,dosn't tell you have put the wrong word. :rolleyes:
  18. Neville, do you think that in photos 4,8 and 10, the male looks like he has spangle wing markings? I think that is the grey wing markings,
  19. You tell'em Daz,I know in the Fancy Pigeons, there are breeders that only feed Pallets & have done so for Years.
  20. I agree with you Daryl. They are most likly Vegans & stuff there Budgies with fruit & vegetables.
  21. This is a Budgie Forum,not a Personal Problem Forum.
  22. I could just imagine that,going up to the people building the levy bank & saying to them.That's not wide enough. Splat,I hope the water doesn't go over the Levy & you are safe & dry.
  23. You may be able to buy seed in single lots.But you could be asked to take in bag lots 20kgs.Unless the place mixes there own seed, I doubt they would sell in small lots.
  24. James cut your loss & buy your self a healthy Bird.It is very hard to do,being your first Budgie. But the amount of treatment you have given it,I think you have a up hill battle, to get it healthy.Macka.
  25. Suspended Aviaries the way to go,no problems with wet floors. The only problem you may have if you make them to big is catching the birds. but you can get around that,by making depth no more then arms length, with net in hand.
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