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  1. Your getting about Kaz,Geelong in July & Sydney in October,
  2. Its not the first time, that NSW Judges, have stuffed up.They had a clanger ayear or 2 back.. Us Vic don't mind, it makes it easer for us to beat NSW if they don't score in a class.
  3. I have heard it all now,What is Don Burke,trying to do, the same as he did to some of the Dog breeds., Its a money making exercise.It will be lucky to get off the ground.Miniture Budgie Shows.What next.!!!!!!!!!
  4. I was going to say, if they were rung birds.But thought that they would not of been that dumb,But it seem they were,I hope the BVC,takes them to task. :rolleyes:
  5. Yes GB,any one that keeps them alive, are not being kind to the birds.
  6. You would like to think not.I hope they spoke the the person, & explained to them. the problem those Mops have.
  7. I would like to think, that some one told them or reported them, for having those birds for sale &the person who took them to the shop.I would like to think they were not a Member of the BCV. If they are they need a big rap over the knuckles.
  8. I was banned once before over Mops.It is cruel to let them live & for some one to have them in a Pet Shop & to be selling them They should be reported & taken to the cleaners.Name & Shame is the least that could be done.I could say a lot more.But I will leave it at that.
  9. Give us a name & I might be able to say if he/she is a show breeder,or just a breeder that buys rings & they may not be worth the money you pay.???
  10. macka


    Yes that's the Man.The other one is John Scoble,I think that's his surname.????
  11. macka


    Budboy,I think there is a couple of good breeders,around your area,You need to go on to the NSW Budgie site & look up the club in your area.
  12. The Python,will love your Budgies.Will make for as good snack.
  13. I think you better read a lot more about the Budgie,would be a good idea,
  14. Take a plan of what your going to do & get it in writing the okay. So down the track for what ever reason,you have the proof of the of the Councils approval
  15. Yes if the nabours complain & it is not to council. regulation you will have to move it,also in some area's you are not aloud to keep, birds or Poultry & by your photo's it looks to be a new area.Better check before you start, if you haven't already.There are a lot of Council laws these days as to what you can do in your back yard.
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