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  1. Great picture of splinting!! Thanks for the info and sharing the picture.
  2. Oh thank goodness.......I have thought of you many times as I was going through the process. I am so glad you did not become discouraged after such a rough start. BABIES...............Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I ended up with 8 chicks from 2 nests, so all is well here also. I can't tell you how good it is to hear you have finalllllllllllllllly had some success. Hugs! KC
  3. Oh I am a celebrity!!!!..........(Laughing out loud) or is it that I am infamous??? *grin*
  4. Thanks a bunch Karen. Based on watching them I thought they were ready, but wanted to be sure. I will keep a close eye on them and make sure they are adjusting well to the nursery cage. :-)
  5. Thank you Elle. I have the breeding cage set up as stated above. babies are doing very well and the parents are not showing any aggression...........thankfully. I was looking for the time frame for the next step. When are they ready to be separated from their parents and moved alone to the nursery cage?
  6. I have seen a post or 2 on this subject but can't seem to find them doing a search. When should I move my fledglings to a nursery cage? My 2 oldest babies are eating seed, drinking water and perching on their own. Heck they can even fly. Is it time to move them to the nursery cage I have set up?
  7. Wonderful results!! You are doing quite well this year in the novice classes. Just wondering (as i am relatively new) How long have you been showing?
  8. Thank You all very much. So the idea is sort of like a halfsider....pied/non pied? I am trying to get this genetics stuff, really I am!! It's sinking in a wee bit at a time, so thanks again for being so patient with the *New kid*.....(Laughing out loud)
  9. Same bird, but sides of head are totally different. Whats the explanation
  10. Thanks you all for confirming my thoughts on girl. Now I am certain her name fits. :-)
  11. Maybe.... I should. Thank you for yor kind comments.....I just love him/her. (Leaning tword her)
  12. I have decided on willow for this little bub. 3 weeks old in these pictures. I think s/he is just georgeous!! WILLOW: Preening his/her sibling:
  13. LOLLLLLLLL...... Star has been making the same sound. Like a squeeeeeeeeaky tricycle tire rolling down the sidewalk. Peddle, squeak, peddle squeak....................I know the sound EXACTLY!!
  14. I had to COAX Star out of the nest at first. A pencil or pen saves your fingers....(Laughing out loud). Now when I open the nest box lid she goes out into the cage. See if she will budge when you open the lid. If not, as I said coax her out. After a time or two, she should get the idea.
  15. ROFL!!!! Hubby loved that one. I think he is still giggling...
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