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  1. I do not know how old it is. I bought from the market, but I think it should be in the 2-year-old to 3 years old. Not long ago, at least it still lay eggs, I guess it could be.
  2. Additional new photos, the eyes should be able to see clearly.
  3. Yes, the cock is lutino, it has red eyes. The pair have been successful, the hen may be old, but still be able to give birth. They recently gave birth to a breeding abino hen. I would also like to try this time. DrNat: Thank you for your suggestion, I understand. I will do it this way, good luck and look forward to the coming together. I also think it is unique.
  4. What kind of my fallow, English fallow or Germany fallow? the hen is on the right side, The other are cocks. Should be two different fallow.
  5. Thank you very much, dear Dr Nat. You not only on the knowledge to guide me, tell me some of the philosophy of aviculture, it's great! From the beginning of junior high school like the budgie, at that time almost no knowledge on the budgie, then slowly the budgie on a keen interest in, and even some crazy. But in China, it is simply keeping them, very few people treat it as a study of knowledge, of course, in recent years, cats, dogs, many of unable to enter the field. But budgie, also can be said that the barbaric stage, so I have all the knowledge from the network, from the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Chinese Taipei and even the Web site. At present, many know that a lot of varieties of budgie, they surprised to find that there are so many budgie ah types. This is very interesting! People began to like Rainbow budgie, Opaline Spangle, and so on; If you find a fallow, everybody will be very exciting Now, in addition to the work of the greatest interest is the breeding budgie, to watch their step by step to achieve our goals will be excited. Coming back to the bird, but also in the chance encounter of the only such a strange bird, instinct told me it is very special, so it brought back home, has also committed to the study. Can really hope to achieve in clearbody above my goal: to be a white clearbody. That cool! Maybe you just like to say, it may be different from the TCB and the ECB, in the future may be a BCB (Beijing clearbody) to Recessive Genetic do? Beautiful fantasy!
  6. Thank you, Elly and Falki Some of the TCB is not a gray flight feathers it? Since then, I gave it a Lutino cock. For the first time, bad luck, gave birth to a baby Albino hen. The two seem to have with Blue Gene. Now I try for the second time, I would like, even if it is TCB, should have appeared TCB cock baby. If the ECB, there will be children ECB appears it. Hah, now it has changed color, the whole body is yellow now, no green. If not, TCB or ECB, there are other possible?
  7. It's one of my budgie, had always maintained that it's a TCB, but recently I think it should be an Easley clearbody. However, very few articles on the ECB, so I want you to help me. This gene is how the genetic, how do I need to get this as more of the same ECB. It‘s strange that it found the feather colors often change, which is 3 months after. Now the whole body is yellow. This’s her babys,the father is a Opaline Greywing Green. The body color a little yellow mixed
  8. No,I found it from the pet store yesterday. It looks like very special.He have light grey cheek throat spots on his face. I think his body color is grey,not mauve.
  9. My budgie is a Yellowface Grey Greywing cock. But what's the type of this Yellowface?thank you! http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/2655/dscf5119gg6.jpg http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/778/dscf5127jc2.jpg http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/2027/dscf5146qv7.jpg edited by Elly due to pictures size being over the guidelines, must be 450x450 pixels or under, thank you for understanding
  10. If this cock mate to her. give me some suggestions.thanks a lot~
  11. Thank you KAZ! Is it a new mutation or not? Dominant or recessive?
  12. I have never seen a budgie like this.It’s a special bird. Please tell me sth. about this Mutation.thanks!
  13. No,I don’t know their parentage. I haven't seen this mutation before.I'll post another photos next week.
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