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  1. Yoda - chirpy but not chatty: http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s236/Me...-04-07_1906.flv I love him! He's so adorable! Cosmo at window sil - before he fell ill: http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s236/Me...-04-07_1259.flv
  2. Yeah, our vet said his blood tests will be around $200, and he also said that it may not even help - most likely won't. See him again on Monday - have another antibiotic shot and maybe the following week go on water powder medication. P.S. Riebie - Your Bobby looks a little like my Yoda! Cute!! Thanks Kaz! I didn't put the flash on - didn't want to scare him, (Laughing out loud)!
  3. This is Cosmo in his 'incubated' cage, sitting on his ladder (yes, it is a little hard to see, but anyhow!):
  4. Yeah - I am not so much whinging about having to pay - its just that this is a specialist (narrowed but extensive field of knowledge) who tags a 1/3 extra onto the 'average' consult fee. I am more than happy to take him to this guy though - he is so much more 'with it' than the last vet. I just want Cosmo to get better!!!! :angel1: Cosmo has to be 'incubated' in his cage until Monday - how boring for him!!! A few toys should help - but he doesn't pay too much attn to them! He is liking his cuttle-fish more! Oh, other tidbits: Cosmo weighs 38g, is 'strong', is 9 months old, and a 'munchkin' according to the Dr. .. 35g is the average budgie weight.. So he is okay there. Dr. was amazed that we have a 10yo budgie (Yoda). That was cool. Also - the Dr. said that cabbage is fine for budgies. They can even eat a small amount of CHEESE! Eggs too! Never knew this.. So maybe we have a weight-lifter in the family? haha! Anyhoo.. Still have my fingers crossed for little Cosmo..
  5. Thank you Phoebe! :angel1: I sure miss her! ... I took Cosmo to the avian vet - he sure knows his stuff compared to the last vet we saw! This avian vet (Dr. Harris) said to stop giving Cosmo the ivomee & glycerine drops - he was stunned at how flippant the last vet was about dosage! (even though it wormed him and has improved his cere). Anyhow, Dr. Harris believes that it could be respiratory, kidney or liver problems. Definitely has some nasal issues. Dr. Harris gave him an antibiotic injection and I will report on Monday if he is better/ same/ worse. Consult was $60. Injection $20. If he hasn't improved, then I see the Dr again and get some antibiotic (I think) powder for his water. Yikes - I know this is dumb to say, but I can't afford weekly visits! I am still a uni student! Thanks everyone for helping! You are great! :feedbirds:
  6. YAY!!!!! Just down the road!!! James Harris DVM Mayfair Vet Clinic 2 Russell Crescent Sandy Bay 7005 Phone: 03 6224 4244 Email: jmhdvm@austarnet.com.au THANK YOU ELLYYYY!!!!!! And gees, well... I know that these neighbours aren't too friendly. They hosed her once (she was unexplicably drenched one night earlier this year). These people also tried blaming my family for a stolen bike (which had the police at opur door!). I just (and neither could the vet) can't get over her sudden and overtly rapid decline! It was awful! On the night of her being put to sleep and just before heading to the vet, these 'lovely' neighbours were standing at their window staring at us/Jessie with hands on hips/ cross-armed. I really hope they didn't do this to her or contributed to her sudden poor health. They have a nice garden - I wonder if they gave her somemthing nasty - herbicide or something? gahhh! In the meantime - I am focusing on Cosmo!
  7. Thanks Elly! I can't stop thinking about her.. I have even started to think that the neighbours (who didn't like Jessie) may have had something to do with her extremely rapid decline.. *paranoid*. She was a sweetie.. And yoiks! I have been ringing the vet this morning - no answer! Maybe they are sick too? Or don't open til after lnch or something? grr! I should look for an avian vet..
  8. *Sorry for not being on here too often of late.. Our 9yo girl (dog) Jessie was put to sleep last night - she had cancer.. :hap: * Ahhh! Thank you Riebe! BEAUTIFUL picture! Things are pretty good with C-boy.. Except he has been vomitting a bit, has runny/ almost water poos and is not fussed on eating too much. He has been going to his cuttle-fish, but yeah - he is sill chirpy and has energy as normal.. He is slightly fluffed up, but okay. I am wondering if his mite-medicine is the cause of this? He is having some seed as I type this. I took his seed treat out (he loves it and has not fallen unwell from it yet - so this may not be the cause, but I took it out for good measure). Any hints on how to get his poopies back to normal? I hear that oats are a good start..?
  9. Okies, millet it is! Yep - we had him clipped! He hasn't grown them back much yet - but he has become a stronger flyer.. Oops! I think he dislikes me for giving him medicine, clipping him, bathing him, removing clogged up poop and taking a bit of bark off his cere. I am the evil Mummy. He will come round.. But I will definitely have to do the millet thing! He eats his seed treat in a week! (A 14cm long 1.5 inch wide treat!) Yoda has had his treat for months and has barely touched it! I will try to play with him this afternoon... He doesn't chirp a lot unless the hone rings or there are other birds about. *sigh* Okie-dokie.. Thanks Elly! You're a gem!
  10. Ahhhh... Thanks Elly! Yeah - he is a tad touchy at times.. He will hop on our shoulders and that, but is not too keen on hands in his cage. He grudgingly hops onto our fingers. It sometimes actually looks like he is frowning! Darn hormones! (Laughing out loud)!
  11. MegumiA


    Aww! He looks like he needs a hug! Bless you for being so caring! Best of luck with him! :angel1:
  12. Cute! (But is sunscreen toxic for budgies?).
  13. Thanks Elly! He seems to be a little temperamental in the last few days. The weather is gloomy and damp.. I'm not too sure what's up with him. Is it adolescence? By the way, Cosmo has a few bits of dry poop near his vent. Should I remove these myself? I removed some earlier, but there are still some there. Also, he doesn't like being looked at there. He gets nippy. Well, I was stupid and decided to remove the rest myself. I never knew he could nip that hard! I was only trying to help - not that he knew that! Poor bugger!
  14. Wow! I really hope she comes round more soon! Good luck with it all!
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