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  1. Hi everyone. Well I guess all is well the 2nd egg came last night right on time. It is a little bigger but both are nice and whiteish pink. I was wondering abot her sitting on the eggs. She is a little hyper when I come to look in. She jumps back in and in and knocks the eggs around a little.. Is this normal? Should I put more bedding in to suchion them? They are okay so far. Also sometimes the eggs are not in the cup in the center of the box should I put them in the middle together? Or should I just leave them alone? The father does not go in the box yet is that okay? well thats it for now thanks. Dave
  2. Hello everyone I'm back. After I did all I could for them to breed they went out of condition. So I have just been waiting for them to come back in. Well about three weeks ago I noticed she was spending a lot more time in the box chewing on the wood. So I put shavings in the box and I guess it helped because wednesday we had our first budgie egg ever. It looks smller than I had seen in pictures but its nice and white. I was wondering at what time to candle the egg? Also When I toushed my Zebra finches eggs they threw them away. How do I avoid ruining the eggs. I am gonna hand feed two of the babies if they hatch so I was wondering if you take them at 2 weeks like parrots? Anyway I am expecting an egg today. I hope it does. I am sure I will have more questions soon. Thanks Dave
  3. Hi I was wondering if budgies can have an all pellet diet? I don't mean only pellets just in place of the seed. Fresh veggies and fruits also of course but no seed?
  4. How long after losing the brown crusty cere is it before breeding condition returns? Well I guess I was not fast enough in figuring out the right pairings. I thought for sure that they had bred. But now they have both lost all of the crusty brown skin off of their ceres. Now they both look white and normal. Do I have to wait a whole year? Do I separate the pairs or put them all together? I have 3 pairs. Do I put the girls with the girls and boys with boys or just keep them paired up. Do I remove the nest boxes? Well If anyone has any insight for me It would help. Thanks Dave
  5. Hi I was wonderind what types of seeds to soak? For how long? Should it be heated? How is it served? In a bowl or on a Flat plate? How long is it good for before spoiling? I have been just soaking the mix I have but the pellets and other stuff just get nasty. Also I have heard about sprouting them too. Does anyone know about that too. Thanks Dave
  6. Is that the same with Albino because it is not brown or tan at all? My other green females are brown and crusty. I was told Albino and Lutino are diffrent.
  7. I have a Albino female set up with a cobalt blue male they are only a year or so old if that, but they do show some signs of bonding and breeding. My question is how do I tell if she is in condition? Her cere is glossy white and a little thick, but not brown and crusty like my other females. Is ther something to look for?
  8. Well I have been seeing the birds in the boxes a lot now. Today I saw them mating but the male would get on and back off after a second or two. He did this four or five times right in front of me. the female would lean forward to try and balance him but he kept falling. Is that enough time to fertilize her? Do they need to mate between eggs? How long after mating is the egg layed? Also what size and shape should the breeding perch need to be? I think the tips you all have given me have really helped. Thank you all. Dave.
  9. I have a two sided wire breeding cage with the nest boxes on the opposite ends and a wire divider in the center. My question is should I put a solid wood divider where they cannot see each other. They seem to fight with each other and maybe that is why I have no eggs. Both females have been going in the boxes for a minute at a time but thats it. Well I hope someone has some thoughts on this.. Thanks Dave
  10. Hi guys, Its, Dave here.. Well I know I am probally just rushing it but It seems like one of my three pairs should have mated by now. I have read that after three weeks together if still no eggs to seperate for a while then try again if in condition. I have been feeding good seed mix, egg food, nut & dried fruit mix, veggies, spray millet and cuttle bone & egg shells. I keep them lots of water. They have sturdy perches and Good nest boxes with concave bottoms. I even gave them a few toys. I have an air purifier in the room and plenty of sun light. They are in condition as the males have very dark blue ceres and the females crusty and dark brown(except the albino hen). I watch them occasionally and they are head bobbing and feeding and chasing each other. They have been inspecting their nest boxes through the hole but not going in. They are in a private room with lots of birds and my finches have already laid and hatched eggs since I put the budgies together. I really am stumped. If anyone can suggest somthing to get the ball rolling it would help. Thanks Dave
  11. [ In Florida where I live all parrots and Budgies are consider feral or introduced species and have no protection by the goverment. I miami Florida ther are Budgies Macaws 4 types, Conures 8 Types and lots of others all of wich are introduced from people therefore feral. I just caught a lovebird today that was once a pet. The parrots have nests full of babies evey year so the goverment is thinking of eradicating them. I have been to south america and Costa Rica and the people there can just catch just about anything for themselves. I just like to hear about Australia it is similar to Florida very Hot!! Thank you everyone for posting.. Dave quote name=Kaz' date='Apr 9 2007, 12:31' post='169817] It all depends on if they are on a protected species list. Anything on a protected species list must not be caught and kept or sold. EG Unprotected Species - These animals are not protected in the wild. A permit to keep or sell these animals is not required; Exempt Species - It is illegal to take any of these species from the wild without a 'take from the wild' permit. The criteria under which such permits are issued are available from the Fauna Permit Unit; Basic - These animals are fully protected in the wild. These animals are usually easy to keep in captivity. A permit to keep and sell these animals is required. A permit is not required to keep one individual, however the sale or disposal of that individual animal would require a permit. It is also an offence to take these from the wild; Specialist - These animals are fully protected in the wild. A permit to keep and sell is required. These animals are not generally kept in captivity. They are considered to be of high status as a result of illegal trading or demand from trade, and/or animals that are endangered in their natural environment and/or animals that require special expertise for handling and security. It is also an offence to take these from the wild. Unprotected Animals There are a few common native birds and mammals, which are unprotected and can be kept or sold without a permit. A hunting permit is required to take these animals from the wild. Permission to take unprotected animals from conservation parks and national parks will not generally be given. Persons require written permission from landowners to enter their land to take unprotected animals. Galahs and Little Corellas can only be taken by means of shooting. Mammals, birds and reptiles which are not native to Australia (ie exotic or introduced) are all unprotected. eg Feral Goat, Pig, Camel, Deer, Rabbit, Red Fox, Common Starling, Domestic Pigeon, European Blackbird, Spotted Turtle-Dove (Laceneck Dove). Zebra Finch Poephila guttata Little Corella Cacatua sanguinea Red Wattlebird Anthochaera chrysoptera Australian Raven Corvus coronoides Galah Cacatua roseicapilla Australian Crow Corvus orru cecilae Little Raven Corvus mellori Wild dog* (Dingo) Canis familiaris Little Crow Corvus bennetti Grey-backed Silvereye Zosterops lateralis halmaturina Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus *Animal and Plant Control Permit required.
  12. In the US there are only a few places with wild parrots and they were introduced and in small numbers. My question to you is are you allowed to catch wild budgies and parrots for yourself in the wild or out of your yard. I know if I could I sure would want to. Not a whole bunch or anything just enough for me? Anyway I have read alot about all the cockatoos and parrots of all kinds there. It sounds like Paradise.. I hope to hear from you down under..Thanks Dave
  13. okay the 1st male is a yellow face 2 DP the second male is cinnamon green the female in link 4 and 2 is DP and the female on link 5 is black on her wings but she has a few yellow spots on her body? okay I have the cinnamon and the DP paired up and the yellowface2 DP with the opaline?(link 5) what will I get when they breed? Probally pretty confusing huh. They are in seperate breeing cages now.
  14. I wanted to build some custom breeding cabinets but I want fronts with doors and all pre made. I could use wire but the openings are rough. Is there any on the internet or in the US or anyway to ship them from Australia? I need about ten of them.
  15. I bought theese two pairs from a breeder I would like to know what they are. The one male is like a green grey color and the other male has all yellow wings. BUt I really don'tknow the females one I think is pied the other I don't know. anyway I hope I can post pics. http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w113/davegf/HPIM1498.jpg http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w113/davegf/HPIM1475.jpg http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w113/davegf/HPIM1479.jpg http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w113/davegf/HPIM1482.jpg http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w113/davegf/Budgies.jpg ***your pictures have been changed to links as they were outside our 450 by 450 requirements. Please use photobuckets edit feature and size them at email/website size and repost links ****
  16. I have heard that if you trim the feathers around the vent of breeder birds they will be able to breed better and have bigger clutches. Is this true? And if it is does anyone have any tips for not causeing more harm than good? Also what about nail trims do they need them for grip(while mating)or will they puncture the eggs? If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would be thankful. I have been breeding finches but they are easy to breed. Thanks Dave
  17. Hi Everyone, I did what you guys said. I combined both pairs by removing the divider. After very little time they were with each others patrners kissing and bobing their heads. After a couple days I put the divider back in with the males switched. Today they are inspecting the nest boxes. I am confident that they had been switched during transport. I am looking forward to eggs I hope. I was wondering if there is something that would help them to breed. Thanks for the help. Dave
  18. They are in male/female pairs there are two green pairs total . They are in one cage with a divider in the center and nest boxes on opposite ends. I can remove the divider if needed. Also the birds were not leg banded so the breeder can't help either. I live in Daytona Beach Florida and my other birds(Finches) are laying eggs. I hope this clears things up.. I would have to get another cage in order for them to not see one anothers nest box. The cage they are in is designed wrong. Also they do not have leg bands, and the breeder isn't sure because of their confusing mutaions.
  19. okay my problem is this I recently purchased two pairs of green Budgies. However they were all put together for transport now I don't know which is which I put them together how I think they should be but they aren't showing any signs of any breeding interest. I have them in a double breeding cage so they are right next to one another. I know if they are separated where they cannot hear each other they will bond eventually, but I want them to be with their chosen mate. I can remove the divider but I wanted to ask if I should first. I have heard that two pairs will fight and three is okay but the two pairs are green the first pair the male is a clear wing(yellow wings) the female is dominant pied. The other pair the male is a Dilute pied (grey wings) and the female is pied. okay now they are all looking in condition males cere dark blue and the female dark brown. They have been together for two weeks and been getting egg food veggies , good seed, etc. What should I do. I do have another pair that is set up but they are just now old enough to breed and they aren't the right color the male is cobalt blue and the female is albino. Should I combine all three or seperate all three. Please help I want eggs. Thanks Dave
  20. Davegf28

    Cage Fronts

    I would like to build some of the cabinets too. Can you tell me how to go about it? I am in construction so I am good with wood I just don't know how to build it. If you have any drawings or anything it might help.
  21. It isn't that I want them to bond with new partners it is that I want them to be with their chosen mate. when I bought them they were put all together then I didn't know who is with who? It seem like they have switched. How can I let them choose for themselves?
  22. okay I won't but how can I tell If they are bonding if they are with each others mate then won't they just stare at each other through the divider? Any suggestions? I was told 2 pairs no good 3 or more okay. My thrid pair is too young and is not the same color.
  23. The first reason is I don't want to lose them if they accidently get loose. Second when I bought the breeders They were already paired up but then they were put all together and then seperated again and now I am not sure if they are with the right mate. They have been set up for a week and they won't even look at the mate they have. Now they all just sit there spread apart. Now the reason for the trim is I could let them out all together and see if they pair up diffrently on their own? I could put them all in one cage and try it that way. I have 3 pairs. 2 in breeding condition one young pair and the young pair show more intrest in breeding than the adults.
  24. I was wondering if it would be okay to trim the wings like my pet birds or do they need them to breed? My finches hover over each other so they would need them is this the same in budgies?
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