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  1. Of course if you know you wouldn't be able to take care of animals, it's best not to have one but there is a difference in money being tight in someone life during a time then not being able to afford pets. Now I think that was very rude and judgmental because I had said that right now money is tight, doesn't mean I can't take care of my animals. That is very unfair of you because you have no idea what is going on, someone could have a major event happen, where it could take all of their income away, so would that then be right for you to say what you did? As in anyone's life, when it comes to
  2. Thanks everyone! I know I need to take her to the Vet, the problem with that is there isn't one close by that specializes in birds or anyone who will look at one and at this time we are really tight on money. I don't want to lose her, she was such a good parent. To the one who said they had something similar happen with them, did it cost a lot for what you had done. I want to be able to help her but I'm afraid I can't pay for the service so that's why I was hoping there was something I could do at home to help her. Her mate is left in their cage and I put her in her own cage with no perches o
  3. I found two dead babies and then I noticed that mom was stuck on the floor all stressed out. She acts like it is broken or something but I can't feel any breaks. Does anyone have any ideas. She has been in a hospital cage for a two days and she is alive but still can't use her leg. I am hand feeding the last baby so she doesen't have to worry about it. I am giveing her vitamins and minerals in her water now and I don't know what to do for her?
  4. Thats what I have been doing. We take the babies out for a while everyday and when they get hungry we hand feed them all a good crop full of Formula. They love it and we seem to be letting the parents get a break. I don't do it more than once a day so the parents do most of the feeding but next to hand feeding them myself this is the next best thing. I also beleive that the formula that I buy is higher in vitamins minerals and protein than the seed mix and vegies my budgies are eating and feeding the babies. So It cant hurt. I think they will be more tame for it.
  5. You are right. I think that they should be fed when they beg for food or the crop is empty which ever comes first. Although with some birds they will loose their feeding response if fed before the crop is mostly empty. This means they will loose intrest to feed. The longer you wait the more enthusiastically they will feed. If the baby is begging and the crop is still full and you feed it more it could cause sour crop or crop slow down. So as lond as it is mostly empty before you top it off again it is fine. The parents feed them when they solicit food from them. The loudest chicks are fed firs
  6. Well I have fish aquriums in the room as well. And they always need water so it's okay. I have a hygrometer and temp. gauge in the room. For my Spiders I have 8 Tarantulas. It stays between 40 and 60 % with the fans. I live in Daytona Beach Florida. The most humid place in the world! But I will keep an eye on this. Thank you
  7. Yes they were closed bred only them in the cage for 4 months. So will the blues be opaline? Or too hard to tell untill fledgeing Oh I forgot yes both are opalines they both look a little pied as well. The father has yellow wings and is darker green and the mother is just opaline and lighter green. Two of the babies have yellow wings and a nice round yellow spot on top of their heads.
  8. Well she finally laid the 3rd egg after 3 days without one. I don't know if she was egg bound but the egg looks okay. I keep them in a well lighted area and they eat plenty of cuttle bone and egg shells and I give vitamins sometiimes. It is kept at 82 degrees with a/c and I have fans and air purification. I read everything on the list and the only thing I don't know for sure is the age. All else is good. So I am surprised she laid another egg. She spends all of her time in the box not on the eggs yet though? Anyway Elly thanks for the info it made me feel better to know what to look for.
  9. My second pair laid 2 eggs and its been 2 days since the last egg. Is this okay? She seems okay I think. Is there any symptoms when she is egg bound? I will keep a close watch on her.
  10. Well we have been holding the little guys as much as we think thy can handle. I hope thy come out as tame as hand fed. They seem to be likeing us. I think. Anyway their feathers are starting to show color and its so weird I got 1 blueish color baby and two with yellow wings and yellow spots on top of their heads(dominant pied?) I think? and the last looks like the blue but still to small. The parents are both opaline greens and the father has yellow wings. The reason I think it is weird is when I bought the pairs from the breeder he only had greens. Green pairs only and green babies only. He d
  11. Hi everyone I have sad news. The youngest of my five bubs died on friday. I thought he looked very small and by thursday his neck looked very long and thin. His body looked very small as well. This is my first clutch ever so I am a little disappointed. I guess they can't always do good. I just hope the next ones all live.
  12. My other pair laid an egg today. The first pair had five eggs and all are doing very good. The last one hatched on the 25th. Both parents are Opaline green and the dad has yellow wings. Any predictions?. Anyway I was checking the babies just now and I looked in their neighbors box and there was 1 new egg. I cant believe it. I can't wait to see what we get. The mom is a dominant pied dark green and the dad is grey wing with light markings. Anyway more babies on the way!!!
  13. I was wondering if anyone has a budgie that talks and what does it say? I read that the budgie and african grey have both held the title for the most words at around 2000 or so words. Although the budgies arent as clear as african greys they are great talkers. None of mine talk yet but I am going to tame one of our new babies and hopefully he will talk for me.
  14. The only reason I have for hand feeding the babies is to make them tame pets. I have hand fed larger parrots many times. I am very confident I have all the skills needed to produce healthy babies. I have hand fed all of my own parrots and my friends. I hand fed my African Grey my Sun Conure and my Senegal. When I was a kid I raised many abandoned chicks (not parrots) when storms destroyed their nests. My first hand feeding experince with parrot type birds was when I got a baby Nanday Conure for my fifteenth birthday. I lost him in my divorce from my ex wife he was 11. I did not know a lot at
  15. I guess I don't need it they started hatching already.
  16. Well guys they have finally started hatching tonight. I looked in the box earlier and there were still five eggs. Now I looked again and I just saw the first baby he looks very good and pink I can hear him very loudly. I will be hand feeding the babies and I need to know when to pull the babies? I know with larger parrots ten days is good. I really just want to pull them right before they open their eyes I think. Does anyone know when that is? I beleive smaller birds develop quiker so maybe they need to be pulled sooner? If anyone knows when to pull them for sure I would go by that.
  17. Can they be produced by breeding or are they just lucky mutations?
  18. I need the calendar that tells when an egg will hatch depending on what day it was laid. Can someone help me find it. My first egg was laid on the 29th of May so I think it takes 18 days to hatch so I think it will be soon. Thanks
  19. I saw on another forum where they had pictures of black budgies. They said they were really dark blue that looks black. Does anyone know if they are real and how they are produced?
  20. Thanks Guys. I got a small flexible light today it looks kind of like yours but it has a lazer pointer also? I checked the eggs and they are all full of veins . I am so excited..
  21. I thought that she was done at four eggs on the 5th because on the 7th there were still only four eggs. I candled them and all four are good even the fourth one had a vein showing. Anyway today at about 5:00 pm which is the time she layed all the other eggs, she layed another egg. That is five total now and maybe more coming? Is it normal for them to skip two days instead of one? Also one of the eggs is twice the size as the others. It was the first or second egg layed. Is it normal for egg size to vary? Thanks Dave
  22. How fragile are budgie eggs? I don't want to touch the eggs but I do want to know how if I have to, and also I want to try to candle them (in place if I can) to see if they are fertile. I also read about you guys numbering your eggs whaty exactly for? Hatching order? How do you gain access to the eggs in the box?
  23. Thanks guys the third egg came sunday and maybe one tommorow I hope. And yes she has moved all of the eggs back to the center.
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