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  1. Drinkers For Sale (Brand New) Green Only $2.50 Each 145mm - 150mm Ideal for Breeding Cages for all types of birds. Pickup Werribee or Sunshine Vic or can arrange postage at buyers expense. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii283/waynomelb/DrinkersPics.jpg
  2. Wayno


    This maybe a silly question, can you please give me some examples of collard and mustard greens..
  3. Do you know if they have a trial version you can download to see if you like it?
  4. Hi Everyone, Are people still using this Budgerigar program or is Yorke's Birdrec program better. I had a quick look at the Budgerigar program website , last update was 2006. Has there been a later update? Any feedback would be appreciated Wayno
  5. Hi Peter, Introduced myself to you on Tuesday, Trying to PM you but its saying you cannot receive any new messages, can you PM me when you get a chance. Thanks Wayne Hi Devil, I hate those b#$st*^ds that don't fly. My flights are high and long and birds have to fly. I feed plenty of oats and I don't get fat birds - because they fly. The damn things have wings because they fly. Make 'em fly and keep 'em fit. Pleased to know that the Melton birds are doing a good job for you. Cheers PT
  6. I just wanted to ask everyone what they use for Water Containers in their aviaries (not breeding cages) Would love to see some examples as i'm thinking of changing what i use. Cheers
  7. Well done Dan and Digby!! The look on Digby's face when the fallow won was priceless. Enjoyed the day.
  8. Hey Dan, I might bring one or two just for experience mainly, i know my birds are not good enough yet, but I want to enjoy the experience and see what goes on. I have some nice young cresteds but they are not ready. Cam told me you have a few nice birds already, well done mate. See you there..
  9. Will be there Dan. Looking forward to catching up.. Wayno
  10. I think the highest priced budgie was $1000. Can't picture you there, i was one of the clowns wearing the orange vests to the side. PT, great job as auctioneer. Wayno
  11. Henry George Birds varied at the Auction. A friend of mine picked up a cock bird for $20, i got one for $30, Hens went dearer Prices ranged from $20 to $120 for most birds, then he had 3 birds sell, one for $200 and the other 2 for $500 each. I thought his birds did not stand out, there were much better birds there from other breeders.
  12. Hi everyone, Just a reminder about the Western Suburbs Auction on Sunday 9th October. The catalogue is now available on the BCV Website. Will definitely be there, will be helping out as its my club. Say hi if you are coming down. Wayno
  13. Trying to think of something but you cannot beat Fordmobs!!
  14. hehehe, yeah he did. As they say that's a pisser!!! I've met Dan, I can tell you his new title lives up to its name, lol.
  15. thanks i thought it was a spangle but does not show dark markings. how do you determine the opaline in a bird like this? I'm very happy with how she looks.
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