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  1. Thanks for info Kaz .. i have purchase a spray on multi spay for mites etc. I will see how it goes, and again bathed the eyes and treated with dettol. Dettol was the "standard" recommended treatment for canker about 20 years ago when i was breeding budgies. Apparently it has some content in it that works..and it did the couple of times i had to use it... only Dettol ... no other such product had the ingredient. I will try for a short time and if things do not improve i will take further maters. thanks Sue
  2. gday, sometime back one of my hens developed a problem with one of her eyes...the feathers came away around it and it looked red and a tad weepy, but most of the problem seems to be around the eye, rather than the eye itself. I treated it with detol cream and it improved. It has now come back on her other eye and although i treated it again in the same way it has not healed. She is healthy in every other way ..even breeding in the colony. However, now i notice 2 more birds are also showing similar signs. All three birds have just one eye each affected. Obviously i need to get some medication for this before it speads even more... any suggestions would be welcomed ... Thanks Sue
  3. twaddle


    Gday, i had a nest of 4 fledglings... one has come out...far too early.. and somehow their mother has disappeared... who knows how! anyway... 2 of the chicks have died .. and i need to hand feed the other two ..what mixture should i make up to do this please!
  4. I wish to purchase solid rings for identifiying my budgies. I realise i have to join a club to get these. Could you please supply me with a list of clubs on the Mornington Peninsula..thanks
  5. I wish to purchase solid rings for my budgies, to do this i understand i need to join a club. Can you supply me with a list of clubs on the Mornington Peninsula ..thanks
  6. Oh my.... now i am very confused..... but thanks for your help
  7. THANKS that.... so far they have bred twice... and all babies are showing white faces... If i breed, say, a male from these two that is presenting a whiteface ... with an unrelated female with a yellowface will that improve my chances of yellowfaces? Also do you have anything like i used to have in the way of a list to predict outcomes... the one i had classified birds under sexlinked, dominant, recessive etc and showed the outcomes of putting various combinations together .... it was in a book ... I think the title was something like breeding budgies ... i purchased it about 25 years ago... thanks
  8. twaddle


    Often the first egg laid does not hatch... and stays the colour it is when it is laid... sort of opaque ...fertile eggs take on a "greyish" colour and look more solid .... i have no problem telling them apart and remove any unfertile eggs so they do not get broken in the nest and cause ants to come into the box after the breakage
  9. Why are my yellowfaced budgies producing normal blues? ..... my male is a normal yellowface and the female is opaline yellowface. All the young have been skyblue normals. Years ago i had a chart to be able to predict the possible outcomes of mated pairs if their background was known... unfortunately i no longer have this chart...but i did think have a pair of yellowfaces breeding together would give a fair chance of the young 50% being yellowface.
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