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  1. Hey thanks everyone for your advice and help. I don't think i'll be letting him out anytime soon.. I got for my wife and also so I can learn the husbandry of the bird.. But after much research I don't think i'll be breeding him. I'd rather start from birds that have been linebreed to produce a certain look. I'll be buying pairs at the Nationals (queen mary) long beach, Ca come Oct. I'm looking for better feather quality, linebreed/inbreed from champion lineage, bigger head with a more dominant mask and a really short bill. Kinda like this beauty I'll be sure to post them as soon as I have them...
  2. Nice enough to breed ? I wouldn't want to breed a weak (not show quality) bird. I'd rather keep him as a pet and aquire breeding pairs from a show quality breeder. I have been talking to Fred DiBernardo and so far he's my mentor. I've also read about 10 Budgie Books, Journals, Dr.Armour book & Magazines. Just wanted to see what you guys might think about this lil one. http://i17.tinypic.com/5xzz0g1.jpg Billy outside http://i14.tinypic.com/4t7tpps.jpg Billy's Back
  3. Really ? That's the breeder told me but I wasn't sure he knew. The reason is beacause I bought him at the Pomona Fairplex Bird Show and there had to be like 10-15 people crowding the breeders stand when I bought him and I forgot to ask and came back a few min ltr to ask and he shouted out C*** ?
  4. Hello everyone THis is my first Budgie ever Billy. I would like to see if you guys the experts can tell me if (it) is a **** or hen I think it's a hen. What colors is he and what you guys think of her. Is she nice enough to breed ? thinking of starting a very small indoor aviary of only 6-8 birds... http://i9.tinypic.com/6ftqrmb.jpg
  5. Hello, Hopefully someone can help me i'm looking for a tightly bred show quality bloodline. Can someone show me some sites and also so names of show quality bloodlines. TY
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