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  1. It sounds like you will have a tame clutch and sounds like everything is doing good I hope you good luck on breeding that pair
  2. Wow that must be and fantastic sight you all had. Good luck on the eggs
  3. But flapper has only one splayed leg, so is this good or bad
  4. Hi guys here are the updated Pics of my babies. But sadly :budgiedance: one has splayed legs. I have name them 1st: SPEEDY beacause he is really fast 2nd: FLAPPER beacause he flaps alot (splayed) 3rd: FUSSY beacuse he is fussy 4th: GOOFY beacause he fell out of the nest box I hope you like the Pics
  5. how do you thread throught
  6. On the bottle in Big letters say High in Calcium I checked everywhere and I could not find a Calcium Only supplement. I have already tired the spong method but the baby kept on romoving it off the mom did not care but it was the baby. It was hard to put the legs in the sponge. Is there I can use the sponge method and avoid those problems. How long does the spong have to be put on for Can I make my own calcium with milk etc.
  7. Concentrated full spectrum vitamin, mineral, amino acidsupplement - 70 g - 2 1/2 oz. - The only bird food supplement specifically formulated forseed, vegetable and fruit-based diets - Ultra fine, highly palatable powder does not cake over time. The brand is Hagen Prime and it is a powder and It is supposed to be mixed in the seed dieat but I mixed it in water and gave that baby budgie A 1 day worth of dose to it. Is this bad or Goo the powder is high in Calcium. Please help me The sure way to provide total nutrition to companion birds - Concentrated full spectrum vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement - The only bird food supplement specifically formulated for seed, vegetable and fruit-based diets - Ultra fine, highly palatable powder does not cake over time - Penetrates soft food for accurate dosage administration - Contains 14 vitamins and 9 minerals missing in most bird diets - Micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria (probiotics) keeps birds in top condition - Extra vitamin C and E for increased breeding and as antioxidant - Calcium gluconate carrier adds required calcium, deficient in most supplements - Exotic fruit flavoring without added sugar (can promote pathogenic organisms) - Lysine and methionine amino acids improve diet protein quality - Unique combination of enzymes and acidifiers improve digestion
  8. pretty much what they are in pics, is what they are in real life yea baby one is a female and baby two is a male
  9. Determine the sex of your Budgie First, how old is your budgie? This often plays a role in whether or not you can tell it's sex. If your budgie is not one year or older, you will not be able to tell for sure if it is a male or female. Budgies are sexually dimorphic in only one way: the cere. The ceres of young budgies under 8-12 months are all about the same: a bright pink or violet color. As the budgie sexually matures, the cere changes according to the budgie's sex. Females - White/light-blue, tan, or brown cere. This is true for all varieties. With the development of brown color is a flaky texture. This can build up to be about a centimeter thick. Males - Blue or purplish-blue cere in normal varieties only. Bright violet or pink (does not change after youth) occurs in the following varieties: recessive pied, lutino/albino, dark-eyed clear, lacewing, and fallow If your budgie is less than one year old, the above rules are not applicable. The cere usually begins to change before one year of age but appears relatively ambiguous. A younger budgie's cere can appear to be changing towards one sex and then change the other way upon full sexual maturity at one year of age. However if your young budgie's cere develops the brown flaky appearance characteristic of female budgies you can be sure it is a female. You can also look at behavior to determine gender. Males often bob their heads, sing, and are usually more active and outgoing. Females are usually snitty and bossy over other budgies in the cage, and rarely sing. Females also usually make loud mad budgie sounds. Males sometimes make this sound too, but usually only when singing. If your budgie makes mad budgie sounds often it is most likely a female. I hope this helps BBC FAQ's Budgie Gender
  10. I hope you like the updated pictures I think the first baby is a blue
  11. I have learned how to sex baby budgies now thanks guys and Nerwen for those links.
  12. What do you guys mean by rings I know they are all dominant babies beacuse both the parents are dominant. If possible can you post a a picture of the rings
  13. What are the signs indicating what sex they when they are 3 weeks though
  14. I am wondering if any of you experts can tell the sex of baby by the movement, reaction etc... It would be helpful if you are able to tell me then I can sex my baby budgies
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