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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I wanted to give you an update on little Missy. She's doing very well, is very affectionate and a fast learner.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just got a new budgie and want some help sexing him/her. We think he/she is about 6-8 weeks and are hoping its a boy. We've had a budgie in the past who was a lovely boy but unfortunately passed away over a year ago. If you think its a girl, can you advise how female budgies are as pets? Should I feel disappointed? Will they talk any less than the boys, is there any major differences we can expect? Thanks, Jo.
  3. Thanks guys i had a bar heater that i put on low next to the cage and he seemed comfortable throughout the evening. I looked around the forum a little bit more and found a Dr. Rob Marshall who seemed highly recommended. We took Harry there this morning because the vet I brought him to yesterday didnt know what was wrong. Not trying to sound like I am promoting the doctor but he's very skilled and professional. Checked Harry's poop and even did and Xray to rule out tumours - but found gas that could damage multiple organs yikes. Harry possibly has a fungi sort of infection in his stomach and gizzard. When Dr. Marshall examined him, he had swollen eyes, abdomen and rump. They forced a tube down Harry's throat and fed him a few times and gave him cortisone for pain. Harry's staying overnight for observation, was progressing some but still not sure if he'll make it. Definitely the place to go if your bird is unwell eventhough it costs a bit but they do a thorough check. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well and hopefully Harry can come home tomorrow. Thank you all for your advice :cake: Sincerely, Jo
  4. Thanks for the advice but where do i put the lamp? Inside the cage? Next to the cage? Won't it be too bright? Sorry for the silly questions, it's my first bird and first illness as well.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've just done a search within the forum about "frothing" and the news are all bad. My 3 yr old budgie Harry hasn't eaten for a day and is frothing in his mouth, shaking his head a lot and looks like he's gagging. He has been in a bad mood for a week, we just thought he was moulting. Took him to the vet a few hours ago and he didn't say what was wrong but gave us antibiotics to put in his water. He even said Harry "doesn't look malnourished or skinny" I've covered him for the day but is there anything else I can do/ check before he does lose weight and become worse? He's only young and has been in good health. I will appreciate any advice. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone!! It is fun to watch him with the swing and I will try and put the toy back in (he was nasty and protecting it - biting a lot!!) Have a great Easter weekend! Jo-an
  7. Hi All, Harry is about 3-4 months old and I have notice that he puffs his head up and makes cute little noises when he's by the swing and he also gently rubs his head on the swing. He looks like he loves the swing... Is that normal? He was also doing that to a toy but I took it away, I was afraid to think that he might be trying to woo the toy? Has anyone's bird done this before? Thanks Jo-an
  8. Hi All, Just to update you on Harry. It's been 3 weeks since my last post and Harry has since learnt to step up onto our fingers and he's flying around the house but coming back to us to touch base. He loves landing on our heads!! and even lands on our hands if we place them real high. He's still biting and has a fetish for ears at the moment. (ouch!) and you were right, he's having his first molt. The quills are showing and he seems to be more psycho and high in the mornings. Can't seem to stop the biting yet. He's only eating brocolli and goes nuts for seeds and I have not seen him eating his poo since my last post. (what a relief!) He was so cute yesterday when he decided to sit and bath in his bowl of water. He's never done that before and was definitely the highlight of our day! Thank you all for all your help and advice. I will keep you posted. I look forward to coming home to see Harry everyday now Jo-an
  9. Help!! I have noticed Harry (12 weeks old) eating his own poo!! :offtopic: Is that normal?? He's on a diet of seed mix mostly, carrots, brocolli and lettuce before I go to work and when I return. I heard that some animals may do that if they are deficient in something... Anyone's birds doing the same thing? I would appreciate any advice Thanks :dbb1: Jo-an
  10. Hi everyone, Heres a few pics of Harry.... Maybe not a Harry afterall? Im hoping you can help determine the sex.. Might explain the biting.. Isnt he/she cute!!! Jo-an
  11. I have wondered if he's female - eventhough the breeder told us it was a "he" but on the other hand they also told us he was "tame". I'll just have to wait and see if his nose turns blue or not! I just got Harry from a breeder when he was about 8 weeks... does that make a difference? He's about 12 weeks now. He didnt have a tail then cos the other birds have been attacking it. And he is definitely not tame! Will follow your good advise and keep you updated. Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for replying No he doesnt have a mirror. Thank goodness because he goes into such a frenzy with the other toys already! We have followed the instructions in www.birdtalk to remove the toys if rearranging the "furniture" doesnt help. He has since been without toys for a day and still biting. Lunging and attacking kind of bite - he doenst look scared at all!! ive named him terror-dactyl instead these past few days. I can distract him with a toy while i put my hand in there to change things but he only gets onto my hand if I have a piece of millet on it. And when he has finished the millet he bites me or if the millet is placed too far for his liking he bites me too. :ausb: Over the past week, I have noticed that he is a lot more curious and of course, confident. He's started to play with the toys which he's ignored for the past 3 weeks, the cuttlefish bone and today, lettuce. He does chew on everything else too eg. the cage, ladder, food container. So should i keep feeding him millet and just practise getting him to stand on my hand, let him bite occasionally? If this is a phase, will he stop biting eventually? Plus, will he get bored or go crazy without toys while I'm not here to accompany him as I do work long hours. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it :fear
  13. Hi everyone, I have an update on Harry, in the past 2 weeks he's noticed the toys we placed in his cage. Since then he became quite fond of one, and plays with it often. He has also started chewing/attacking another toy. At the same time, he now has started biting my hand when I get near him. I dont think he's frightened, as its more of a lunge at me, and he sometimes makes this noise like a dolphin. Ive read some threads on biting, and I think it may be terrertorial. So Ive removed one of the toys, and repositioned some items in his cage. Its now been 2 days since then and he's still biting quite a bit. He is also alot louder than ever, perhaps he is becoming more and more confident with his surroundings. Im in a bit of a tight squeeze, and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on this biting thing, we've only had Harry for 4 weeks now, and I think that makes him about 3 months old now. Is this just a phase all budgies go through??? Will he grow out of it??? Or do I need to take drastic steps to fix this? Thanks for listening... Jo-an
  14. Thanks for the advice and for making me feel so welcomed! From what you said it sounded like i was going a bit too fast. i have been reading the other topics and i think I was trying to do all of them at once. I will try just putting my hand in the cage and wait till he's used to that. He didnt like/ notice the millet sprays for a whole week but he's discovered them yesterday and has devoured the whole thing! So im glad. At least he's had something more than seed and I can use it to bait him! Will keep you guys up to date and Thanks again!
  15. I have had Harry for a week as a gift and he's probably about 8 weeks old. He's supposed to be tame but I have decided he's not! He normally freaks out when I get near him, or put my hand in the cage. I have been trying all the tips i can get from this forum ... putting my hand in the cage and placing a finger under his chest. He only gets on my finger in the evenings when he's not distracted by the other birds outside and when he's tired/ sleepy? I read a part in here where it said "handle" the budgie. .. Do I have to catch him and hold him? I acually tried that with gloves and he was very distressed and started biting. Then he flew off and it was a real task to get him back cos he wont get on my finger. Should I "hold" him/let him out or wait till he's good at getting onto my finger? I have never had a pet bird and would appreciate any advice. Thanks heaps
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