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  1. Thanks! when I got her I found out she had lice!!! but now she has scrubbed up nicely. She is so calm but wont keep still for a photo.
  2. without flash with flash (you can see her red eye) Sorry not the best pictures but hopefully when she is more settled I will be able to take a few more of her.
  3. (Laughing out loud) I am glad that you like the Cleavage Budgie...Luna is doing fine and has been enjoying tapping the bells on the christmas tree. As of yet it has been a bit hard to get her for a photo, as she does keep still! She gets a little excited all the time and then she will go and hide for a bit. very funny sight to see. Will try and snap her up as soon as I can get a clear shot of her
  4. Julie_K

    The Gang

    :angel1: they are all so cute!
  5. Cant take a photo right now, as she has decided that she likes nesting in my bra of all things...so now i have cleavage budgie!!! :(Laughing out loud): Has this happened to anyone else before??? She seems very content at the moment and all looks fine to me. Will see if i can get her out a little later for a photo.
  6. She has red eyes. She is very quiet, and will make a bit of noise when I get her out of the cage but then that is about it. she doesnt make a lot of noise at all. She is pooping alright, and I just gave her a bit of water and something to eat, but she didnt eat a lot. Her keelbone feels fine, she has a bit of meat to her but she isnt over weight. I will take some photos tomorrow of her and post it over here.
  7. she might be young like what you said. I just brought her at the Sales in my area. I dont know the breeder, so I dont know the exact age of the bird. I think I will call her Luna, as she is all white with no hints of other colours. I think she is eating but I am not that sure, i will keep my eye on her and see what happens.
  8. I have just brought a new albino budgie, and its a baby. It is cute and acts in an odd manner. She likes to burrow. When she is in her cage, she will run about but when I take her out she will sit quietly and then start burrowing into any nook or cranny she can find. I was just watching a movie and she burrowed in under my neck and then when I sat up she burrowed behind me. She will sit in my hand and nod off to sleep for a bit. Is it normal or common for them to burrow? She will even hide her head behind her food dish, too.
  9. the male that passed away had escaped from my breeding cage, and was found in my neighbours yard, he must have hurt his leg or had a stroke. The hen is fine, she has been plucked of some feathers from one of the other hens in the aviary but apart from that she is in good health. I brought in one of the other males that she was close to and she is happy as can be. I havent seen any signs of rejection from either of them so fingers crossed that in the coming month she will start laying.
  10. My hen, Jaz, her partner Blue boy passed away yesterday. I was wondering when should I intoduce a new partner for her. She is on heat and wants to start laying. I know that she was friendly with the other males in the aviary, can I intoduce one of them to her or should I wait? she has wanted to breed now for a while, but I havent allowed her to, now I would like her to breed.
  11. Sad to say that yesterday when we came home Blue boy had passed away . He made it through the night and looked healthy and happy in the morning, but sadly when we went out to vote he passed away. He was still warm when we came home and my husband buried him under a lovely conifer tree outside :angel1:
  12. Last night we had a pretty big storm, and somehow, the breeding cage that i had a pair in, Jaz and my mother blue cock, one of the doors opened and the male flew out. (I was amazed that Jaz just stayed in the cage and didnt show any interest in the opening.) I thought that all was lost with the blue budgie, and had told mum that it escaped (I even designed a Lost Poster to put up at the local noticeboard). I kept a lookout for him all day and saw my neighbour next door in her yard and asked her if she has seen a blue budgie. She had and put it into her aviary with her birds! She said he must have hurt himself and she was right. His sympthoms.... left leg not gripping or feeling anything hes not fiesty as he used to be, he is now calm and docile leans to his right with his left wing stretched out for balance his left eyes looks strange to me, not as alert as his right poop normal! To me he looks like someone who has had a mild stroke, but I think that it might be anything else. He doesnt seem to be in any pain and is eating a little. I have placed him with Jaz again hoping that she will feed him if he needs it, and keep him warm. I brought them into the house and they are now in my living room so that I can keep an eye on them and his progress. Have I overlooked anything??? He is an old budgie, I would say somewhere between 5-7 years but no more then 8.
  13. they are so cute. Do you have names for them yet?
  14. they are beautiful. What mutation is Claire?
  15. Thanks Kaz, I might take out the other budgies and place them in the cages for a while. Looks like i have some bird catching to do tomorrow.
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