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  1. Thanks for the info Kaz. Will try and see how I go.
  2. Hi forum, Need some advice. I have a first time pair that attacks and kills the chick after hatching. They have killed two chicks. The chick is unfed and bitten all over. I have 6 remaining fertile eggs, 2 of which I've moved this morning to a surrogate. I have no idea if its the hen, the cock or both. Should I move the remaining eggs and not breed from the pair again? thanks Michelle
  3. No the door just slides into place. I think I'll try the plywood and the suggestion of a peg helps.
  4. Hi forum, I've got a problem with a particular hen who chews through the MDF doors I have on my breeding boxes. The MDF is only about 5mm thick and slides rather than being hinged to the box. What safe materials (harder to chew) could be used? I was wondering about masonite or plywood? Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks Shell
  5. Hi forum, I'd love to get some advice on a pair. Cock 2yrs old, hen 18mths - first clutch. Laid 6 eggs - 1st laid 26/3/09, etc. I've candled them today and saw no evidence of chicks forming. The first egg is due to hatch on 13/4/09, etc. They seemed to have a real upset last night. Hen flying wildly in the cage. Cock in the box yelling. She had been previously very good at incubating the eggs. Now she is not in the box. What should I do? Remove the eggs and or split the pair? thanks Shell
  6. Hi forum, I'd like to know what I'm to expect with this pairing. I understand the body colour okay with the DF and SF grey, but am unsure of what the Yellowface Type I will bring. Is the Type I yellowface dominant to the white base? thanks Shell
  7. Hi the birds are about 18 months old. Both in excellent condition. This would be their first clutch. The breeding cage is a standard size and is beside my other breeding cage with a pair (the hen has just laid the first egg today). They are fed quality seed, native grasses, sliverbeet, apple. They are in a protected location with direct view of the aviary some 10 mts away. thanks Shell
  8. I have a pair of young birds - 18 months old who became a pair in the aviary. They were moved to the breeding box 5 weeks ago and the hen won't go into the nestbox. She hasn't even been interested. Should I remove them both to the aviary or try the male with another hen? thanks Shell
  9. Yeah I've just had my first egg laid today and I was wondering is there any special food the pair should be given in addition to good quality seed and greens? I haven't bred budgies since I was a kid so its been a while. I've read on a UK site that soft food such as soaked oats with an egg and vitamin mix would be beneficial. Any comments and suggestions welcome thanks Shell
  10. Thanks for your advice KAZ. I'll get onto blocking the holes ASAP.
  11. Thanks for your advice. I'll set traps outside the aviary. The mice can't get access to the feeder as its suspended from the aviary roof. I was wondering about contamination of the seed on the ground as the birds like to eat seed from the ground as well as the feeder. I wonder if a dose of worming medicine is in order? :mellow:
  12. I've got mice coming into the aviary to eat seed. Does this pose a health risk to the birds because of disease? The mice are too scared of the birds so I'm not worried about attack.
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