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  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone could help. Looking at a small aviary for budgies to play in. In our street, a number of noisy minors and butcher birds (Australia) often try to attack the budgies through the glass window (yes, when the birds are inside). So wondering whether we should go for: 12mm square wire (the conventional wire) with something on top like a cafe blind to protect the birds or... A 6mm square wire Or do we really need double wire and that's the only way to go? Just concerned about the bird's legs getting injured by predatory birds who may land on the aviary wire. Any thoughts appreciated. Turbs
  2. I have personally found that kissing birds with a "cold" (bacterial infection of some sort) can pass on the bacteria. So personally I think that there is a risk. Have not got hard evidence, but anecdotally I have found the risk of infection seems higher if you kiss the birds with an infection of some sort yourself. Hence, my tip would be to avoid kissing them and keep your hands washed if you suspect you are ill with something.
  3. The choice of scope ultimately depends on your preferred budget. I started with a $400 one nearly 9yrs ago and have recently upgraded to a ~$3k scope. Both were quite useful if their own way though (obviously the new one is much better!). But you don't have to necessarily spend thousands by any means. You may even be able to get one for a couple of hundred. I would get at least 1000x oil with 4 objectives (these are the bits that magnify) - eg. a small value like 10 or 20x (good for looking at the big picture), 100x, 400x and 1000x (latter which you need a drop of oil to view) are usually the most common combinations. I personally think that it doesn't really matter what the exact value of the lower objectives are (as long as there are some), but you do need 400x and 1000x for optimal viewing of 90% of things. You'll find that the uni and vet market wouldn't go less than 1000x. Also get one with a light and make sure the light is bright. Test them at 1000x as this setting needs the most light. Also look for whether: - visual acuity is sharp at 400x and 1000x - is the specimen evenly lit - how sharp or focused are the edges around the specimen or are they a bit blurry - is the field of view making the specimen appear flat (some look a bit raised at times, which is not realistic) - how wide is the field - I find that at least 18 is sufficient (higher nos = larger field of view). If the field of view is too small, it's a bit annoying as you don't see that much. It's definitely worth getting a scope if you have the interest. Although bear in mind it takes time to learn... But if you've got the interest and commitment, go for it. It would indeed be a great way to monitor the health of your birdies.
  4. My budgie Turbs has arthritis and here's what I do for her (as she has another mobility issue): - use a long wide ladder (ie. one that stretches across the whole cage), fill between the rungs with thin foam (eg. for lining clothes etc.), cover it with towel so it's soft and use it as a platform - you can use pegs to support it (ie. the ladder leans on the pegs). Her cage is big so she now has 3 of these. - put a big thick squab of foam (eg. 1 inch) on the floor in case she falls (which happens from time to time). Usually you can get them cut to a certain thickness or DIY - cover at least 2 perches in the cage with an old towel so it's a nice easy area to grip. I love the rope perches they have these days, but I don't find they are soft enough for Turb's arthritic feet. Hene, I use towel covers. Much softer and easier to grip. Bear in mind that you should dust off the poo and seed from the platforms every night and change them at least once a month. You can wash and rewash the towels (I did this at first - eg. santise them with baby santising products), but I find it's best to just cut up a new towel. Also make sure that the towel joins are on the bottom as the tape may scare them - stick them with sticky tape or duct tape or some other tape which holds. It makes a very comfy little budgie. Turb even sleeps on her swing at night and the plastic swing perch is also covered with soft towel (a tiny piece) and held on the ends with 2 rubber bands. Works a treat. She has pressure sores on her foot so bad before these, but now they are heaps better because of the softness.
  5. Brilliant set up feathers. Hope your poor hands and body are feeling better soon. You need a nice couch outside so that you can lie comfortably and watch them. Love the green budgies. Really nice looking lot. Are they on pellets?
  6. Turbs

    Hi From Italy

    Hi Francesco - welcome to the board. I can see you love your birdies. Out of interest, how do you say "budgie" in Italian? Turbs.
  7. Hi Feathers - Wow - it looks so beautiful and such a lot of innovation in all your ideas. I'm sitting here typing on my laptop and Turbs just flew onto my vegemite muffin and yes is now all covered in vegie (at least on her feet).... Now all you need is a 24/7 budgie cam, so that we can all look at how your babies are doing... Actually, I've thought of doing this, as a way to keep check on my babies when I'm out...
  8. Wow - getting to the exciting stage Feathers. So how many will be in there in total? And how many cages will be inside the house? Are you going to bolt it to the concrete slab or does it just sit on top of the floor...?
  9. Hi - Based on your description of the vet's (lack of expertise) in birds, I've started wondering about this diagnosis. I'm going out on a limb here - I suspect your bird is a female. I see a lump around her keel (chest) area, although bit hard to tell from a photo. So wondering is this the "tumour". If so, maybe it's just a benign type of tumour, such as a fatty lipoma which is often seen in many birds. Or is the tumour elsewhere and visible. On what basis did the vet make this diagnosis by the way???
  10. Here's some new photos of Birdy and Turby from the other day... Here's Turbs in her new coconut shell - found a bigger, softer one for her - finally. Helps her sitting in here, as she has bad arthritis - her poor little leggies and toes are all crunched up with arthritis - you can also see her disability friendly cage in the previous photos in this topic. As soon as she got in the next home (had Bird House written on it already - should be Turb's House), she started some renovations and picked at the ceiling husk. Now it seems the renovations are over and she's much more comfy. It was a bit dusty inside the shell after she was done, but a quick shake out fixed that. I guess you have to expect that when you're renovating...? http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u232/Tu...house-small.jpg Here's Birdy chomping down some peas - absolutely loved them http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u232/Tu...peas2-small.jpg http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u232/Tu...peas3-small.jpg Birdy the bush budgie's latest is that he's now flying onto my shoulder for a visit - eg. from the blinds etc. He's really quietening down now. Eating his pellets every morning... Although still forgets to eat a bit, so continually holding up the bowl mornings and evenings to make sure he fills up. Haven't clipped his wings - am hoping not to have to, but depends how many times he hits the glass when he moves into the section of our house where Turbs is... (ouch) Already starting glass window training in my home office - hasn't hit anything yet. Fingers crossed. Also noticed that he's missing a back toenail, and it appears to have happened in the nest when some poo got stuck between his back toes. Actually thought that it was caught and pulled out the day we got him, but the fact that there was no blood got me thinking and I looked back at this early video in the nest and sure enough it was like that then... He doesn't seem worried by it though. He's a real little treasure. This afternoon he's having his vet check. Fingers crossed that he's okay. On the weekend, I wormed him with the crop needle. Didn't really even seemed bothered by it, as it only took 30 seconds. What a good boy he is! :ausb:
  11. As he's green and gold and you're on an Australian budgie site, maybe Aussie or Ozzie! Green and gold are the Aussie national colours! Just a thought. Turbs.
  12. Feathers - on which side of your new aviary does your bed go? Or will you now start sleeping on a perch at night? Turbs :ausb:
  13. Hi Feathers, If still no luck finding a trailer, maybe you could try Kennards Hire or alternatively, some landscaping places hire out trailers. Finding muscles is another thing altogether...Hmm??? Best of luck - fingers crossed that you get it by end of this weekend... Turbs.
  14. What a terrible thing for those poor people. Let's hope that this company gets sued.
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