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  1. Hey Chryso, So excited for you! Wishing you well for the rest of your exams.. Gradualtion is going to be so AMAZING!! Well done Feathers
  2. Kaz, I am so very sorry for the losses you have both suffered in the last couple of weeks. It seem so incomprehensible that you couldlose them both in such quick succession. My heartfelt love goes out to you both. *warmest hugz* Aly
  3. Looking good, Kaz! Don't think I have ever been able to see your neighbour's roofs.. there was always a big aviary and birdrooms etc in front. It is making me reconsider, for the zillionth time, setting up something better over here as I still have no idea when I will be moving (the faster than expecting financial recovery is helping though). I did drop down's in my aviary too, Renee, very handy when I want to boot birds out of the small side of my aviary to set up breeding boxes in it instead!. *hugz* Kaz
  4. Splat, fantastic news!! I think you will find that this is one area where a lot of employers would find maturity and life experience an asset. Getting into animal studies/vet nursing is a sort of 'typical kiddies dream', like being a fireman. A lot of young kids head there and then realise that they really don't have the passion for it. Good luck with it! Aly *hugz*
  5. Hey maesie, This is the "Off Topic" area, and everyone is free to drop in and say hi... I only used "Splat" in the title to get her attention after I moved the question out of another post... Feel free to change the title to "Hi all" if you like Splat, I laughed when I saw my step brother complaining online about the "hot" weather you guys were having over there. He sounded like he was dying. I checked the temps over there and it's not even close to 30 p) We have already had 37 degrees over here in the west... fairly mild weekend for us for us, heading into 28 monday and 33 Wednesday. Aly
  6. Hi Splat, Didn't want to go off topic in Kaz's post about her father in law, so I opened a new post I've been keeping myself really busy.. I read through some posts every now and then to stay in touch a little. Now through to around March is usually fairly quiet for me... however, having said that, I did get sort of rail roaded last night into taking on a really heavy workload. I was voted in, by a special motion, to be the Judging Coordinator for PCYC gymnastics in WA. So ,I am going to be really busy writing up completely new judging manuals, technical deduction tables and organising judging courses Hope you have been keeping well... Aly
  7. Hey Kaz, Nasty is Very VERY nice ! Reminds me of one of my sig birds... Aly
  8. Hello ppls, It has been quite some time since I have posted, but one of my birds just totally cracked me up laughing this morning... All of my budgerigars live in an outside aviary, except 1. Some of you will remember Kazumi.... My dog loving... food stealing... attention loving... bath hogging... multilingual indoor buddie budgie! (he speaks 3 languages... budgerigarese, english and Malaysian ) Around a week ago I was setting up a couple of pairs out the back when it occured to me that Kazumi just might make a very good Dad.... He is 2 years and 2 weeks old after all! So I found him a pretty, although somewhat bossy, little hen and started the getting to know you process. Kazumi has always been a people person. Right from when he was born he loved being held and scratched and doted upon, which is why he came indoors with me when he left the nest. After a slow introduction and a week of stand off ,I attached a nest box to the cage they are in 2 days ago, and I think Kazumi is getting the idea. Bright and early this morning he decided he would try to chat her up... IN ENGLISH!!!! He has hardly spoken a word since her arrival and now he's giving her his best lines.... "Pretty boy Kazumi, good boy"; "I love Mummy"; "Hello Beautiful"; "Selamat Datang, ke Rumah Saya"; "What a clever boy"; "Have a nice Day"; it goes on and on with just about his whole vocabulary... The hen's reaction..... [What the..??] I just laughed and laughed.... very funny.... poor Kazumi, not the reaction he was hoping for Aly
  9. Hi Kaz, I was thinking of you yesterday. I am happy to hear how well it went. I would have loved to have taken some photos for you. I have been asked a couple of times to take funeral photos. The first time I was mortified, but on the day I understood the request and felt honoured to do so. *hugz* to you and Ken Aly
  10. Hey, not laughing at you.... I thought it was nice to hear from you...
  11. She is indeed... i wasn't going to mention names in case she got bombarded with requests... again... it is my prized aviary possession. As for the statues, Kaz.... last year (or maybe the year before), I got them when indonesia was the host country at the Perth Royal Show.... I adore them... the person I got them from had a shop in Vic Park so, getting my car FINALLY, I fully intend to go there and have a look around for more nice ones... Feathers.
  12. I got notified of the profile comment you made anyway JB.... stalker!!! Feathers
  13. Heya JB, That would probably work I am going to be away for the next couple of weeks. Maybe I should get jacquie to teach him another Malay phrase as well while I am in Vic. Thats a mouthful I cant even say it It took kazumi a couple of weeks to get his beak around it too... He started by only saying "selamat datang" (welcome) and then got the "ke rumah saya" after that. It is currently his favourite phrase and his accent is really good too *biggest hugglez* Feathers
  14. Hiya, Some time ago a VERY talented forum member made a "Feather Town" plaque for my aviary...... It took me a while to attach it and i don't think I ever posted any pics of it actually ON the aviary.... As you can only approach my aviary from this side you can't help but see it and I get OH SO many comments on it. *hugz* Feathers
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