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  1. She is eating well now, and she is even more enthusiastic about coming outside the cage for a fly around the room (when she really used to just hang back in the cage while Bluey was around the room). Lets just hope she continues on this road.
  2. On saturday morning, I found that bluey had passed away over night. She had been sick that week, we took her to the vet, and had been giving her the medicine but I guess she lost the battle with it. I completely cleaned out the cage, and changed the water and seed for Tweety. At first she ate a little a few hours after I had removed Bluey, but she hasnt been eating at all since then. She just sits at the same part of the cage. I don't really want to have to introduce a new bird to her as some family members don't want a replacement for Bluey. Any advice on how I can help her eat and get past this sad time?
  3. I am worried about my two budgies. I noticed one day that bluey when standing still was slightly shaking. Then a few days lately Tweety was doing it too. Tweety doesn't do it too much, and it only happens when they are sitting still. I think it may be a cold or something? What do you guys think?
  4. Do they feed eachother after meals? If so the problem is to do with cage size or shortage of food containers. If not, your budgies don't like eachother or one is a bully.
  5. Hide it before Jimmie gets there first. Once it has bonded to u, introduce it every so often and it will think "Ooh you bring me the cool toy "
  6. It is actually shocking what they pick up. Tweety the first knew alot of phrases, but she also picked up some of my Dad's football chants and when I heard her, I was like Oh my god. Really does show you the benefits of having them in the main room of the house.
  7. Yea, there may not be fighting now. But in my own experience when they are in breeding mode, they may have mood swings (Laughing out loud). If I was you, I would consider adopting a new male?
  8. Yeah, They are really tiny. Just lookng through these cages, I am seeing small indoor aviarys that could house quite few budgies and Its tempting me to get one. But family would get angry
  9. Ah Okay, I'll keep looking for that perfect cage then :hap: . I'll keep you guys posted on my search.
  10. Hm, It says for budgies on the selling information. And budgies like to be high up. Elly, What do you think of that cage? The cage dimensions of that new one are, HEIGHT 92cm LENGTH 46cm WIDTH 36cm Oh and you give the same link twice
  11. Yeah, I will not get them until I have the best possible cage for them. I've been looking at this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/QUALITY-BIRD-CAGE-BU...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. Yeah, The space has never really been a huge problem with them but I Tweety's cere is rather crusty at the moment, so she is in breeding condition. She is even mean with me aswell right now. She is really the one starting the fights. Also I forgot to tell you guys, That i'll be moving into a much larger room, so my two feathered friends will be joining me. I want to buy them a much bigger cage, but want to also purchase two males. How would they react to a younger male? And what cage dimensions would be best for 4-6 budgies
  13. Yeah. I have Two seed spots and two water spots but they both seem to like the same spots as eachother which causes a dilema.
  14. So I've got two females. Oh dear. They feed eachother at meal times but fight sometimes as well. What should I do to stop their fighting?
  15. Here is a few pics I took today, I took one of Tweety for comparrison.
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