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  1. Hi. This year my spangled green cock has paired with my lutino hen. They have two babies, and I was wondering, what genes can the ino gene hide and which of the hidden genes will be seen in my babies? I have no idea what the parents of the lutino were, so I was wondering if you could tell me what genes could be hiding in that feathery little body of hers. Thanks! :question:
  2. A few minutes after I typed this, I went outside to check on Bo again. To my complete and utter surprise, THERE WAS ANOTHER BABY! So then Bo had 2 babies, 3 eggs. I was really HAPPY! After all, Bo is a first time mummy and wow, she is doing a great job of it. This morning when I checked on her, I was quite possibly the happiest girl alive because, wait for it, There was yet ANOTHER cute little pink thing!!! A baby!!!! How lucky am I! So now Bo has 3 little babies and only 2 eggs left!!!! I'm HAPPY!!! All three of the babies are looking very happy and their crops are well and truly full.
  3. I'm back and I've got some awesome news. But first, the story. I went away to Canberra at the start of the year. While I was there, there was a tragedy. The mysterious illness took another life. This time it was Tracey. When she died, she had been sitting on 4 eggs, but so I am told, she left them just before she passed away. She is missed dearly. When I found out, I thought, how am I going to breed any more budgies, seeing as though Sammi and Tracey were the only pair of our budgies who would breed? That question went unanswered. A few days after I got back, there was another, even bigger tragedy. Eddie, my one beloved budgie who was the sweetest thing, died in the night. I was only thankful he didn't go through the process as slowly as Sammi did. Next time I went shopping, guess what I did? I bought another budgie!!! An absolutely adorable little thing, she was simply too cute to resist. I named her Bo because she has a little patch on the top-right side of her head that is shaped like a bow. I believe her to be a Sky blue Dominant Pied. When she finally got out into the aviary after being locked up by herself for 2 weeks, Ray, my beautiful blue normal paired up with her straight away. A few months later, and she has 4 eggs and one cute little 2 day old chick. Here are some pictures of Ray'n'Bo (get it? Rainbow?!) The Question has been answered! I am very excited and I will get a video or pictures of her and the babies as soon as possible!
  4. Well, this morning, bad news. In the night, Eddie died. I suppose it was just too late to save him. I'm just happy he didn't suffer as much as Sammi did. I will take much more care of my budgies now and I will clean their water more often. I hope it isn't too late to save my other seven budgies. RIP Eddie, Sammi and Tracey.
  5. Right budgie: " Are you saying I'm fat?" Left budgie: "(Coughs) of course not!" OR Left budgie: " You lied! You really DO bite!" OR Left budgie: " Ahh! Run away! It's a zombudgie!" Right budgie: " MUST EAT BRAINS"
  6. A few weeks ago my tamest budgie Sammi died. I didn't know why he died. Three days ago his partner, Tracey, died as well. They both had completely different symptoms. Sammi was very sleepy and closer to his departure he seemed to be extremely weak. So weak, in fact, he couldn't even lift his head to eat. I was away when Tracey died but while I was here, she left a clutch (her 3rd) of three eggs for no particular reason. I don't know of any other symptoms, except for the fact that she was moulting at the time. One of her second clutch, the only one I kept, is extremely tame but, like Sammi, is extremely sleepy throughout the day. I would be devastated if my (new) best buddy , Eddie, died because he is such a quiet bird and I have grown very attached to him. My dad has bought some medicine and deworming stuff for them off the internet. He researched it and thinks it is a disease from the water so he also bought automatic water things for them. While we are waiting for the stuff to arrive, we have our water in containers and algae grows in them. What could the disease be and how can we stop all our birds from dying?
  7. Sammi didn't make it. He died about a minute ago. We were refilling his hot water bottle and I was holding him when he died. We still have no idea what caused it. I think it was good timing for us to change his water, because it semmed to give him a fright and made him pass away quicker. May he rest in peace.
  8. Kaz this is the first time he has actually been in the nestbox. When I looked in, he wasn't feeding the babies, he was just sitting there. He isn't at all thin, in fact, he's probably a little overweight. The aviary is on a cement floor and I haven't wormed my birds lately. At the moment he is looking a lot better. he is sitting up more and is less sleepy and more alert. We gave him a hot water bottle the is warm and wrapped in a towel and that seemed to help. Could it be something to do with the fact that it got really cold overnight because it rained?
  9. Today went I first went outside, Sammi was in the nesting box. I thought it was normal that he was in the nest box with his chicks. But when mum went out there a while later, Sammi was sitting in the food tray not eating. She waited a bit and one of the young'uns from Sammi and Tracey's last clutch simply pushed him out. He ended up clinging to the side so she went to tell dad and me and when we got back he was on a perch again but he was leaning on the slightly higher perch just above the one he was on. So I got in and picked him up which is something I can never do with Sammi. I am really worried. I have him in a cage with a hot water bottle and he is still sleeping. He is really lethargic but he has normal coloured poos. he wont eat even his favourite snack but he has perked up a tiny bit. I am really sad. Can someone help me please??
  10. I haven't updated for ages so here is an update. All of the babies have left the nest for good. Tracey has another clutch now. There are 6 eggs. I have named all of the babies. Here are some pics. Duke From left: Cheeky, Max. From left: Cheeky, Max, Duke. Cheeky. I was wondering, is it possible that Duke is grey? I don't think he could be blue or purple like either of his parents.
  11. Today the second oldest came out. It is also very cute but for some reason is bigger than the oldest. I decided to name the one I'm keeping Max. Max is such a cute budgie.
  12. Lady, the baby is fine. It only has a dirty vent because it has been in the nest and the nest has a bit of dried up poo in it. Anyway, today, there has been a breakthrough. The eldest baby has been out of the nest for most of the day. it is very tame, and will sit on my shoulder easily. I also got it to eat some seeds.At first, it was a fair bit wobbly on the perch. Here are some pics of it on my shoulder.
  13. Mmm... Regurgitated seed... My favourite!
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