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  1. Hello, Today my hen had a baby:) But She is not feeding it, and she just droped it on the bottum of the aviary i am so sad:( this has not happenend to me only this time. My Dad told me to put it with another hen and did the hen is about 1year old and im worried. its still allive so please help me. THE HEN HAS 3EGGS!. Cheeerrrs Thanks Nathan M
  2. :rip: Could you ask the question again Nathan1 ? I Said If there is a line though where the eggs come outis that egg bound
  3. Feathers Is this egg bound Example: Does It Have a red LINE through the upper body and near the bom where they lay the eggs does it go every second opening and shouting if so ill show u her bom for u.Thanks feathers.Cheerrs.Nathan
  4. Oh no, I know how you feel, my bird that we have removed from the aviary for safety purposes has recently had a little bit of blood on her bottom which has been plucked. Thanks for sharing your story, now I will be very cautious of my bird and make sure it dosent get worse. I'm sorry that your bird died. :rip: Thanks Little One i really appreciate it Thank-You
  5. How Can You Tell if a Hen Has egg bound?
  6. A first egg can take around 10 days or more to arrive ...some earlier, some later. Some hens go to the nestbox and just sit in there and do not realise they have to mate to lay eggs. Some hens go into the nestbox to escape a cock birds who is too "pushy"...if thats the case you need to check her over for signs of illness or stress ( poopy bottom, lost weight ). Budgies dont actually have a "season" like larger parrots do, they would breed all year round if you let them ( but its best not to go past 2 rounds ). Do you have any photos of your setup, so we can help by looking and working things out ? Hi, I Don't have the setup at the moment due to the mice that are in the breeding cages ill show u my birds when the photos arrive on the computer.Also her bum is very big and her chest has white things in her tummi is that eggs?.Thanks for replying.Shes breeding in the aviary due to mice.Omg She just layed and egg Im Happpy:)
  7. Hi Again, I was wondering How Long Does It Take A Budgie To Lay Eggs? My Budgies are doing everything right but they are not breeding Example: There Mating(Humping) 4Pairs And There in The box but just not Laying Eggs One of the feamale has been in the nesting box for roughly about 15hours a day but no eggs this female is about 2.5 years old and the mate is 2years old and there so beuitiful birds there heath is 95% I Give them so many greens a day 15 a day My dad says that its not the season but im sure it is! (Its Sping 2Month) If U Can Think why my budgies are not breeding i would really appreicate it And also thanks for reading my statement.Cheers Nathan M.
  8. Another curious situation here Kaz, now you got me thinking!! The first time i bred budgies it was in my bedroom and i got one boy, one girl. After that i started breeding in the living room which has air conditioning. First clutch had 4 babys, 3 were male and second clutch had 5 babys, 4 were male (Blinkie was one of the four). After that i started breeding in my bedroom again and what do you know, no air conditioning and lots of girls: i had one clutch of 2, 1 girl; one clutch of 3, all girls; one clutch of 3, 2 girls; and most recently one clutch of 5, 3 girls...makes you wonder a bit i guess. :rip: I Have had my budgies for about 5years and 2years ago i started to breed budgies i have only had 2cluthes(they breed in the breeding cage) 1:2babys 2Feamales 2:5babys 4males 1feamale From the same pair The father died from unknown reson:( I hope i have around 25 babys this season i have 5pairs (are going to breed:))
  9. ThankS For Your Opions Cheerss, Nathan M.
  10. I Asked my dad he said no Thanks for all of your support:)
  11. He Couldn't pow or Do it He Was always on the groud he was a hero:) but the hero died:(
  12. I'm not a professional breeder and i don't have a breeding room. I just bring the breeding cages into my bedroom if i breed my budgies. Thanks Ill Give U My Update When Completed Thanks Again Regards Nathan Mc
  13. He Said that if u have uneven amount of boys and girls u can even it up by putting your eggs in a incabater
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