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  1. Yeah, in most cases both the leaves and wood is safe for the birds, but in this case the bougainvillea im not so sure.. As the young branches have thorns (Ill dethorn them), it makes you cautious. I wanna use bougainvillea, cause i got on in the front of my yard, whereas i could go about cutting other wood sources from parks and stuff, but i don't think people will appreciate it.
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering if the bougainvillea is safe for birds? I read that it's fine, but im planning to use the branches for making a play gym, is the actual wood safe?, or just the leaves? Thanks agian, cal
  3. Quick oats!! Sweet, thats a great alternative cause i don't have easy acess to a nearby pet store that stocks pine shavings. Thanks
  4. Hi folks, Just wondering what you find best to use as breeding material for your birds? Also, has anyone used dry grass clippings or paper towels as nesting material?, Is it safe to do so? Thanks, Calvino
  5. Thanks for the great info on that link, I think it answered most my questions. I think this is the behaviour of a coupled cockatiel.
  6. I believe their bonded, ive seen them mating sometimes (i don't have a nest box yet though), and i see them preen each other, although if thats the case, it's just the female ripping the male's feathers. If it's her, should i seperate them?
  7. Hi guys, I got am worried about my 6 yr old male cockatiel who looks like he's becoming bald. I keep him caged with a young 1 yr old female cockatiel, and i have never seen her harassing him before. This is the first time ive seen him like this, he has never had moults this bad before, i keep my cage clean, and the other cockatiel seems to be fine. I checked the droppings, they seem normal, and the behaviour of both cockatiels don't seem to be abnormal, Any suggestions to what this might be? http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u45/cur...52/DSC03410.jpg Thanks.
  8. Thanks Kaz, is there a specific wood putty i should use?
  9. Hi, i recently made a diy bird play gym/stand and have used zinc plated nails to hold the wood together. I know the zinc is posionous so im wondering if covering it with vet wrap would prevent the bird from ingesting some of the zinc. Also, has any one used "3m Micropore" instead of vet wrap? is okay for birds? Happy New yr :emoticon112:
  10. Okay, i just showed my cousin this post just then, and then he's like "oh well i guess it's okay to put rub your bird in your eye". ( :(Laughing out loud): *cough* cough* i don't do that??) He wanted to know if you were vet or something KathyW, cause he said "i mean any one can join this site, i mean how do you know if there right", And then i said most people in this forum are pretty skilled. :hap: But, by the way you type and all, you seem like a "pro" or expert*. And why would people lie right?, What kind of person would register to a budgie forum and post lies!! :hap: *as in experienced ~bump~ He also said something about why do you always want to get into an argument or something, but what the , he started it. I know i can forget about it and all, but that doesn't feel right. I just want to prove him wrong. Thanks KathyW for the info and the other people for your opinion's. I will keep you updated about this "argument" with my cousin (i hope this doesn't get serious).
  11. Thank's guys. I asked this silly question cause i had a argument* with my cousin the day before i posted, and my Aunt suggested me to ask other people so this forum came first in my mind. Kind Regard's A concerned bird owner *We had an argument about this matter (Bird pecking my eye out *rolls eyes*), and he ended up makign me cry and making him self cursing and smashing a door.
  12. If im rubbing my nose agianst a budgie's head, will it peck my eyes out?
  13. Wow How'd that happen? Well once one of my bird got his foot stuck onto a peg 2. He was fine after that. I wpuldn't worry too much unless it's a fracture, like Phobe Mentioned Above
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