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  1. Two of my budgies, Ginkgo and Lily, have always seemed very friendly with eachother (preening, feeding, etc.) Now, they have been all the time. A couple days ago I caught Ginkgo trying to mount and mate Lily. I have done my research and would love to seperate them from the others and breed them, but haven't quite gotten the okay from my mother. What should I do? They are in a flight cage with eight other budgies. Should I just leave them? What if she lays eggs? Should I take them away?
  2. I haven't been on in awhile, though I plan on starting to come on here more often... I thought I would start off by posting some pictures I took today of my budgie flock. I have a had a couple losses, but also have had a couple new guys join the family. Newest (about a 1 1/2 months, she just finished quarantine)- Lupine... Second newest (over the summer)- Jasmine... And my older guys... Pistachio- Golden Snitch- Tweak (albino) and Brett- Chai (cobalt yellowface), Lily (pied), and Ginkgo (green)- Fleur- Another of Lily and Ginkgo- Another of Brett and Tweak-
  3. I haven't been on here in a while, and I just took some new pics of my budgies, so I thought I would share them! They're kind of fuzzy, sorry. Pigwidgeon and Pistachio (and Golden Snitch over on the side flapping) Pigwidgeon, w/Pistachio and Chai in the back Pigwidgeon Luna, Tweak, and Tequi Lily and Pistachio Lily, w/Golden Snitch and Brett in the back Ginkgo, w/Pigwidgeon in the back Fleur, w/Pigwidgeon in the back Chai, Tequi, and Ginkgo Chai Brett And my cockatiel, Iris
  4. Name : Lily Sex: Female Color: Sky Blue Pied Other mutation: none Name : Fleur Sex: Female Color: Sky blue Pied (?) Other mutation: YF2 (?) I put ?, by some stuff I'm not totally sure about...could someone correct me if I'm wrong, please? :ausb:
  5. Name: Ginkgo Sex: male Other Mutations: Dominant pied
  6. Name: Golden Snitch Sex: Female Lutino Other mutations: none http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k64/MsVo...oldenSnitch.jpg Name: Tweak Sex: Male Albino Other mutations: none http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k64/MsVoldemort/Tweak.jpg
  7. Yeah....I know they have to be a year old, and Chai is only 6 months old....but, it'll probably take me that long to talk my mom into letting me!! (Laughing out loud)!!
  8. Lily and Chai, have been preening and feeding eachother a lot lately! I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me breed them! :oliveb: If I did breed them, does anybody have any ideas on what I would get??
  9. I got a new budgie from the Humane Society for my birthday!!! My dad took me there today (b-day was yesterday) and let me pick one out (they had quite a few, :oliveb: ) !!! Here he is: Any name ideas would be appreciated!
  10. None of my birds' colors have really changed all that much, but Chai definitely looks much older! Name: Chai Mutation: Cobalt, YF1 (right?) Age then: about 2 months, in October '06 Age now: about 6 months, in February '07 Then- Now-
  11. Marley is 9 years old. She is in the same room as my other Conure, Ouija. She has never met the budgies or any of the other birds. She's a very funny and intelligent bird......and crazy!
  12. I'm pretty sure that Chai is a male. Here is my most recent picture of him (I took it a couple of weeks ago)- What do you think? By the way, his cere is more pink than it looks in the picture!
  13. I thought I would take some more pictures because I just moved the Budgies into their new cage!! I hope you don't mind the pictures of my other birds! Fleur and Pistachio- Then I was distracted by Iris (my tiel), who was trying VERY hard to figure out how the door opens!- Then back to the budgies....Fleur w/Lily and Golden Snitch in the back- And then I wandered over to the little Finchies!!- Then I was distracted again....but this time by the little girl on my neck!- But I went back to the Finches...and got a picture of my quails- Aaaanddd baaackk over to Iris...who still hadn't given up!- After that I visited the Lovies, Avada and Kedavra- At this point, Willow had decided to climb down my arm to see what that weird thing on my finger was?- And then a group shot of the budgies (except Chai, who was hiding behind Tweak)- In the end I went back downstairs and got a picture of Marley.....the GIANT budgie....!-
  14. Willow is a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure!!
  15. I just took these pictures of the budgies and their new friend Willow! Fleur Lily Fleur and Lily Ginkgo Golden Snitch Chai Tequi Pistachio Tweak All the boys And their friend Willow
  16. Okay, that's what I thought. I was mainly wondering about his spots/stripes on his wings. Do you see how some of them are like a greywing and some look more like normal stripes/spots for a light green?
  17. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what mutation my budgie, Pistachio, is? I'm not exactly sure and would like to know. This is Pistachio... http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k64/MsVo...9Image00042.jpg ***photo changed to a link due to size. Must be 450 by 450 Thanks
  18. BudgieBudgie


    Very cute! Blinkie is such a pretty budgie! I love his colors. And to your comment about the weather, and I don't know if you were serious or if it was a joke about Blinkie, but I wish it really was hot where I am right now! It's FREEZING!!! :budgiedance:
  19. I used to have a greywing, his name was Wink. He died in September.
  20. I have been thinking about building a cage for my budgies. What kind of wire can you use?? What kind is safe?? I'm not actually sure about it, I have just been thinking about it and was wondering.
  21. I am just curious, which pictures do you find boring?? I don't think any of them are boring. They are all cute and I love seeing other peoples birds. Also what is this word supposed to be -"unebrotingeat". I'm just not sure what it is supposed to say.
  22. Has any switched there birds from water bowls to water bottles?? I want to switch my birds to water bottles so that cleaning and stuff will be easier. Is it easy to get them to switch quickly?? Does anyone have any tips for making it easier??
  23. Feathers- So you think it's probably the same thing?? Or something like it??
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