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  1. Two of my budgies, Ginkgo and Lily, have always seemed very friendly with eachother (preening, feeding, etc.) Now, they have been all the time. A couple days ago I caught Ginkgo trying to mount and mate Lily. I have done my research and would love to seperate them from the others and breed them, but haven't quite gotten the okay from my mother. What should I do? They are in a flight cage with eight other budgies. Should I just leave them? What if she lays eggs? Should I take them away?
  2. I haven't been on in awhile, though I plan on starting to come on here more often... I thought I would start off by posting some pictures I took today of my budgie flock. I have a had a couple losses, but also have had a couple new guys join the family. Newest (about a 1 1/2 months, she just finished quarantine)- Lupine... Second newest (over the summer)- Jasmine... And my older guys... Pistachio- Golden Snitch- Tweak (albino) and Brett- Chai (cobalt yellowface), Lily (pied), and Ginkgo (green)- Fleur- Another of Lily and Ginkgo- Another of Brett and Tweak-
  3. I haven't been on here in a while, and I just took some new pics of my budgies, so I thought I would share them! They're kind of fuzzy, sorry. Pigwidgeon and Pistachio (and Golden Snitch over on the side flapping) Pigwidgeon, w/Pistachio and Chai in the back Pigwidgeon Luna, Tweak, and Tequi Lily and Pistachio Lily, w/Golden Snitch and Brett in the back Ginkgo, w/Pigwidgeon in the back Fleur, w/Pigwidgeon in the back Chai, Tequi, and Ginkgo Chai Brett And my cockatiel, Iris
  4. Name : Lily Sex: Female Color: Sky Blue Pied Other mutation: none Name : Fleur Sex: Female Color: Sky blue Pied (?) Other mutation: YF2 (?) I put ?, by some stuff I'm not totally sure about...could someone correct me if I'm wrong, please? :ausb:
  5. Name: Ginkgo Sex: male Other Mutations: Dominant pied
  6. Name: Golden Snitch Sex: Female Lutino Other mutations: none http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k64/MsVo...oldenSnitch.jpg Name: Tweak Sex: Male Albino Other mutations: none http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k64/MsVoldemort/Tweak.jpg
  7. Yeah....I know they have to be a year old, and Chai is only 6 months old....but, it'll probably take me that long to talk my mom into letting me!! (Laughing out loud)!!
  8. Lily and Chai, have been preening and feeding eachother a lot lately! I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me breed them! :oliveb: If I did breed them, does anybody have any ideas on what I would get??
  9. I got a new budgie from the Humane Society for my birthday!!! My dad took me there today (b-day was yesterday) and let me pick one out (they had quite a few, :oliveb: ) !!! Here he is: Any name ideas would be appreciated!
  10. None of my birds' colors have really changed all that much, but Chai definitely looks much older! Name: Chai Mutation: Cobalt, YF1 (right?) Age then: about 2 months, in October '06 Age now: about 6 months, in February '07 Then- Now-
  11. Marley is 9 years old. She is in the same room as my other Conure, Ouija. She has never met the budgies or any of the other birds. She's a very funny and intelligent bird......and crazy!
  12. I'm pretty sure that Chai is a male. Here is my most recent picture of him (I took it a couple of weeks ago)- What do you think? By the way, his cere is more pink than it looks in the picture!
  13. I thought I would take some more pictures because I just moved the Budgies into their new cage!! I hope you don't mind the pictures of my other birds! Fleur and Pistachio- Then I was distracted by Iris (my tiel), who was trying VERY hard to figure out how the door opens!- Then back to the budgies....Fleur w/Lily and Golden Snitch in the back- And then I wandered over to the little Finchies!!- Then I was distracted again....but this time by the little girl on my neck!- But I went back to the Finches...and got a picture of my quails- Aaaanddd baaackk over to Iris...who still hadn't given up!- After that I visited the Lovies, Avada and Kedavra- At this point, Willow had decided to climb down my arm to see what that weird thing on my finger was?- And then a group shot of the budgies (except Chai, who was hiding behind Tweak)- In the end I went back downstairs and got a picture of Marley.....the GIANT budgie....!-
  14. Willow is a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure!!
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