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  1. This morning i woke up and i went to checck on my birds and well one of them had her wings like stretched down like she was stretching but it stayed that way for a while then it got better What is this and is it dangerous or anything to my bird? Ash
  2. I was wondering is there any set season (time) when budgies start laying or breeding i hve heard it has something to do with the rain but i am not sure thanks
  3. bird a is male and bird b is female i agree with daz wih the age
  4. well dippy is a bit of a runt he can't fly and still hasn't got all of his feathers even though he is a bit a year old
  5. these are my pets this is snowy but unfortunately died this is milly this is sally our new puppy this is tess and cooky but tess is no longer with us this is dippy my sisters bird this is bart my brothers bird this is no name because she has no name but if anyone has a name they are more than welcome to post this is roxy my sisters other bird and theses are my pets
  6. i know how you feel i lost my budgie today too and it was a terrible thing to happen. R.I.P Mango
  7. sorry bill but when you say it will take a while how long as in like weeks days hours?
  8. http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2637.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2638.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2639.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2633.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2635.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o243/as...06/100_2634.jpg
  9. I have recently put well yesterday i put 2 breeding boxes that i made myself in my aviary. My dad and i made them ourselves and they came up a treat. One of them is on a shelf and we made a sliding door bit so we can peak inside. The second one is on the side of the cage on the wire and is really cool. In the second one we have put a bit of dewll in so they can sit there. The first one is on a shelf so we don't really need it. If you want pics just tell me.
  10. Have you fixed the link to the incubator yet?
  11. no i haven't because im worried my birds will reject it after i touch them
  12. my budgie tess has layed 3 eggs in her second clutch and i don't think she will lay anymore. she had a clutch of four but none hatched so i chucked them out after a while. do you think these ones will be fertile? :ygbudgie:
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for a bird to lay the egg like when they are in labor?
  14. Hi i am trying to figure out whether i should make an aviary or buy one anyone have some tips on making them?
  15. I have two budgies that have breeded before but unfortunetly didn't hatch so i am wondering how can you tell if your bird is pregnant. The bird i am talking about is really heavy and has been doing very large poos. Please help me!
  16. hi am new and i have a question. What is the Phoebe Disease? Oh and can it make my birds sick? :ausb: :nest: :ygbudgie: :grbud:
  17. Hi again i just candled them and one of them looks like it has a baby bird in it but mum or dad aren't sitting on it what do i do? :greenb: :greenb: :ygbudgie:
  18. hi i just became a member here and my birds and myself are first timers with breeding. I need some serious help because none of them have hatched and the first egg was layed on the 4th of august when will they hatch and also is there any other way of telling them fertile or not cause my mum said im not allowed to touch them. :bluebudgie: :parrot: :nest: :budgiedance: :oliveb: :ausb: :ygbudgie: :grbud:
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