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  1. I am relieved to say that Lady seems to be happy at 7 eggs, it has been a couple of days with no additions to the clutch. I just did some math and we may have babes hatching this coming Sun/Monday! I can't wait!!! These 3 look similar to my 3 "parents" to be! (Laughing out loud)! Dad on the left, Mum on the right and 2nd Dad dab in the middle!
  2. I was in the aviary this morning - Lady now has 7 eggs in the nesting box! When will she stop? That means she has laid 11 eggs in the past 5 weeks. (Remember her first 4 were broken by another female) I am concerned about the impact of this on her health?? Also does anyone have any advice on my post above re: two "dads" I would love to hear from those with more experience!
  3. I checked the nesting box yesterday, Lady now has 6 eggs and is a very attentive Mum, only coming out of the box for 30 secs at a time. I have one question though! Can anyone foresee any problems- she has two very attentive males, the one I believe is Dad (I saw them mating) and another aviary mate. They seem to (very peacefully) take turns at standing on duty at the nesting box hole, feeding her and chattering to her! There isn't any sign of fighting or bickering between the two males at all or is she just a lucky girl who will have a neverending supply of food once the babes hatch?
  4. Thanks for your help in getting the photo up for me.Technology does beat me sometimes......................... or, okay, maybe alot! You are right the green is male and rec. pied is female. I was thinking that all babies would probably be green but am even more excited now as there may be some surprises! This is Lady's first family (after losing her first eggs due to a jealous avairy mate - now evicted!) and she is being a very good mum. Gee! 18 days has never seemed a long time before!
  5. Hi! Below is a picture (I hope it works!) of my proud parents to 3 eggs! Any ideas of what may join our family as a result these two? I know I should be patient but I just can't wait! http://community.webshots.com/photo/343143...065340288IvHPCm Thanks for any thought you may have! P.S you may need to copy& paste the link into your browser to see picture - I can't seem to make it work :ausb: Edit: I fixed the link for you - Bea
  6. Hi! This is my first post, although I have been lurking in the back ground for weeks - reading and learning!!! I love this site! I have a hen who laid four eggs 2 weeks ago, sadly the eggs were broken by another hen in the aviary, she has since been removed. The hen has now laid another two eggs. My question is - is this 1st clutch or second? I am keen to rest her after two clutches as I have read is recommended, but am a little confused! Any thoughts?
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