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  1. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but just going on my "Cloud", 3 weeks ago her cere was quite pale and now it has gone very dark. She is also flirting with Beau, and in and out of the nesting box, just this past week. So it may not take very much longer until your hen is ready for a family. Although do be sure she is over a year old, closer to two yo would be even better, and then she is more prepared to be a good Mum.
  2. (Laughing out loud)! I have had my aviary for about 4 months now (had budgies for years though) and I can sit on my back verandah, with a coffee and just gaze! My kids are beginning to think I have lost the plot but the budgies are such busy little souls and funny characters that I find great relaxation and entertainment in watching them. :(Laughing out loud): Gee and I too, thought I was all alone!!!
  3. I have loved this thread, checking it daily! You have beautiful birds! Just a question though - I see in one photo you have millet in the nesting box - is this something that you do often. I have hung millets sprays in my aviary as I thought with the baby raising it would be good source of extra calories. Usually I would only give it as a treat. I do like that idea so Mum can have a snack.
  4. And then there were 3.... Say Hi to jellybean, pinto and cashew! (Laughing out loud)! Mum, babes and two Dads are doing great! I wonder if Mum has kicked out the egg you can see off to the right?
  5. The name of an oral mite and worm treatment for budgies?A couple of years back I bought one of my birds from an experienced (30yrs) breeder, he gave me a small amount of a medicine that you put in the birds water for 24 hours then remove - I'm sure he told me it treated mites and worms. He would use it annually as a preventive treatment and claimed he never had a problem with mites. I remember he got it from his vet in Melbourne (we are now about 250kms from there!) and I tried ringing him (breeder) but he has moved house. I remember he swore by it! Has anyone heard of this?
  6. "double factor dominant pied" Could someone break this down for me into English? :0 I have been doing some reading on genetics but I think it will take me some time yet to "get it". Pied I know, but Beau is so white I would never have picked him as pied. I'm confused!
  7. Here's Jellybean and Pinto! I am amazed that 2 days difference in age and look at the difference in sizes!
  8. You know those little downy ones that seem to catch on the wire have driven me nuts in the short time I have had my aviary! But I have found a solution, in our local "The Warehouse" shop they stock a cheap roller thingy that is sticky for use on clothes to remove pet hair. (Which is what I bought it for!) Well, I was aviary gazing this morning and thought of using it on the wire to collect up that down that always gets caught in the wire and it worked like a dream! Our wire was feather free in a momment - better than picking it off one by one! Then I had another thought (ouch!) you could easily wrap some masking tape, sticky side out, around your hand and do the same thing! Hope this idea is a help to you!! :budgiedance: :budgiedance:
  9. By this you mean, just let the hen have on clutch, no more, I guess. My lady does not have this problem she has two males fussing over her most of the time! I think I will end up with an overweight hen and babes!
  10. My kids have nick-named this little fellow "Pinto". I will take a picture later in the day and post.
  11. Just been wondering, if in the budgie world, there are deadbeat Dads who don't feed their mate or chicks? And if that can happen, can the hen raise her babies as a single mum? Possbly a silly couple of questions but I am interested to know! I think I am spending too much time gazing at the aviary!
  12. Today Jellybean got a brother or a sister! Waaaahoooo!!!!!!! And Mum is doing a great job!
  13. (Laughing out loud)! Thanks for that Nerwen! But Beau stays here! He is a beautiful boy, also the shyest of my birds so that makes it hard to get a good photo. He was one of "twins" when I went to the breeder to pick a bird, of course I couldn't pass him by! So, spangle babies...I can't wait!
  14. Here is another picture of Beau without the flash: And another of this couple that may help. Beau is white all over except for the pale lavender cheek patches, extremely pale lavender blue edges on his wing feathers (you have to look hard to see, even in person) and pale blue on his neck which fades to white on his chest Hope this helps
  15. O.k, Cloud and Beau have made the committment and I believe there will soon come the chirps of tiny beaks! I think, I know Cloud is a normal Australian Grey but her love, Beau, I am wondering what he would be? Here is Beau: His color doesn't show true in the photo though. He has pale lavender cheek patches, extremely pale lavender blue edges on his wing feathers and pale blue on his neck which fades to white on his chest. Also any thoughts on what we might get from their babies?
  16. Well if Lady has eaten hers it would be a good little calcium supplement I suppose!
  17. I just could not resist! I would like to introduce you to Jellybean! The newest member of our family - just hatched in the early hours of this morning! Hope the pics works!
  18. Hi! Hope this isn't a stupid question but........once the chick has hatched what happens to the egg shell? I just checked on Jellybean and all is well, but I did not see any broken shell in the nest.....or maybe I just missed it? Or does Mum eat it?
  19. This morning I was doing my usual routine in the aviary and checked the nesting box and we have a brand new chick! Our very first babe! It must have hatched overnight! I have nick named her jelly bean! 5 eggs to go!
  20. Hi Daz, No, to be honest I did not candle the eggs. This being our 1st clutch, I was happy to just leave well alone and let 1st time Mum do her thing without me harassing or frightening her! I think too I was a bit afraid of handling the eggs. So everything is unknown at the momment. But hatching should begin in the next day or two (if fertile). Its so exciting! (Laughing out loud)!
  21. Hi! We have our first clutch of eggs due to start hatching today or tomorrow! Yesterday, I noticed that 3 or 4 of the eggs are a distinctly pinky cream color while the others are a creamy white. Is there anything significant about this or is it just a natural variation? Thanks for your thoughts.
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