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  1. I have a friend who has budgies, finch and quail together with no problems although she does separate when it's breeding time.
  2. Thankyou! I know I am over excited with our first babies!
  3. Look at us now! Sorry I don't know what I did wrong but the pics are a bit out of focus. And the sun has reflected the green from the walls of the aviary Jellybean (4 weeks tomorrow): Pinto: Cashew: and Peanut: They all have grey and pale blue through their wings except for Jellybean who has grey and white and a blue body.
  4. Congratulations!! It is such an exciting time! And aren't the budgie eggs just the most adorable little things, I was amazed they were so tiny when I got my first ones a month or so ago.
  5. I too have had to make this awful decision, my eyes filled with tears as I read your post at the memories it revived. I still believe it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But with Gypsy, my Pom, I knew it was time and have no doubts, as sad and horrible as it was, that I had made the right decision for her. Consult your vet, discuss the options, go home and think them over. When the time is right, you will make the correct decision. As lovey said don't let anyone pressure you into any decisions, it must be yours and yours alone. You are in my thoughts.
  6. Oooohhhh! What beautiful babies and the colors...stunning!
  7. okay I am getting closer - I can hear them but no pictures as yet! (Laughing out loud)! I will be back!
  8. (Laughing out loud)! Kirby, I know the feeling, I want to visit my first babies all the time too but am tough on myself and only visit twice a day! :glare: Your babies are beautiful!
  9. Welcome! Love the pics of your aviary and birds! Unfortunetly I have not seen your web cam yet but I think it must be night over there (I am in Australia) but will try again later.
  10. Make that two with icy blue coming into their wings as well as the grey! Cashew has it as well as Pinto! They look so pretty! It is so exciting seeing their colors coming in!
  11. I have been sprouting seeds for a couple of years for my birds, they love them. To avoid any problems with bacteria I only sprout a small amount at a time. Mostly I use the seed that I feed them plus snow peas.
  12. Beautiful birds but in particular I love the one in both the 4th and 5th picture! He is just gorgeous! What mutation is he?
  13. I was in the aviary this am and noticed that Pinto has ice blue as well as the grey coming into her wings! Am I right that this may indicate that she could be opaline? Lovey - the last pics were taken just yesterday but don't worry I am very happy to show our babies off so more photos will follow as they feather up more. (Laughing out loud)!
  14. Just to update, here are some pics of Jellybean at 3 weeks old & his (?) 3 younger brothers and sisters. Peanut Cashew Pinto and Jellybean! How quick they grow! The two older ones have grey coming in on their wings and pale blue coming into their tails. Which surprised me as I was expecting mostly greens like Dad! And here are the proud parents! Thanks for looking! :dbb1:
  15. I suppose that decision will depend on your budget. Mine did! I started out with two budgies in a standard sized cage and then moved up to a larger 1.5m (L) X 0.9m (D) X 1.5 (H) type cage that we had on the back verandah, which we built ourselves (much cheaper than buying one!) Then, of course, I wanted a garden avairy. I was lucky as I had a friend who had an old avairy (about the size of a single car garage) he was sending to the tip, it was fairly delapidated, so we picked out the best bits, and bought new wire and paint, and did a makeover! It was a great project for our whole family and my birds are still smiling! Keep an eye out in the Trading Post and Ebay as sometimes there are good bargains to be had. Also do a search on the 'net about building an aviary there a some good tips to be found.
  16. Yum! That is good enough for my dinner! I'm afraid my birds are greenies they will demolish every veggie that is green like broccoli, celery, sprouts, lettuce, fresh seeding grass head and milk thistle, oh, and apple too. But carrot, corn etc they turn their beaks up at! I am not giving up, I grate a little carrot over their greens every day and keep offering whatever is in season but so far they dutifully ignore the foreign colored food! And this has been going on for close to two years now! I was hoping this would change with the arrival of babies this past three weeks but not yet! I still live in hope! (Laughing out loud)!
  17. Too cute! I only have one Budgie (Lady) out of six who really loves a bath, she she flicks the water everywhere and gets soaked to the skin. It's great fun to watch. The others are very dignified and much more restrained when it comes to their bathing.
  18. Add violets and dilutes to my list too! (Laughing out loud)! Maybe I am with you Shellball, just give me one of each!
  19. Just curious, but do you have a favourite mutation? I love all my birds for their different personalities and quirks. They are such great little characters! But will admit that I do love the Type 1 YF, a beautiful bird. Mind you I don't have one yet! Do you have a favourite?
  20. I do hope Jelly gets better fast! Just a thought though,could she have an over enthusiastic aviary mate who is feeding her? My Lady had a vaguely similar looking problem a while back. The regurgitated food was on the top of her head and down her neck at the front.
  21. Lady and Tye are busy raising 4 chicks, the youngest is only 5 days old. Yesterday I spotted Tye attempting to mate with her again! Thankfully Lady shooed him away but I am concerned - this is Lady's 2nd cluth - her 1st 4 eggs were broken by a jealous avairy mate. I will remove the nesting box as soon as these chicks have fledged, so that Lady can recover. Is this usual behaviour?
  22. Maybe it is no longer on the market as no-one here has heard of it.
  23. Congrats on your beautiful baby! Don't worry you are not the only one doing a happy dance, I too have recently had my very first babe hatch and my family are still looking at me sideways! (Laughing out loud)! Hope all goes well for Babe and parents.
  24. Hi! Well, our fourth baby hatched today, making the older chicks look like giants! (Laughing out loud)! No name for this one yet, and I will post a picture tomorrow. Only two eggs to go, by the way Mum bought that stray egg back in to snuggle. Their nick names will change once we see colors and personalities!
  25. Hope all goes well. I am just loving having our first babes hatching! They will become special members of our family!
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