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  1. Thanks Nerwen for your thoughts. I have had cloud for about 5 months and she has been in and out of the nesting box and chewing it for nearly a month now. I will try what you suggest, remove the box for a time and see how we go...
  2. It is my belief that a budgie kept in cativity, average life span is about 8 years. And if really well cared for can live into their teens! I just googled and found that last bit! WOW! Sniped by Bea! (Laughing out loud)!
  3. Hi All! I have dug this thread out of the archives so you will know who I am talking about! I have a new question regarding Cloud and Beau.... This couple have been together for 7-8 weeks now, Clouds cere, since being in with Beau has gone from pale to dark brown. I have seen flirting, courtship and mating but no eggs as yet. Am I being impatient or could Cloud have gone through "menopause". She was a pet shop "rescue" bird, so I have no idea how old she is except to say she was an adult as her cere was very brown when I bought her home. Or are some hens simply unfertile. (I know the answer to this one really!) Would you keep being patient or should I give up and return them to the aviary?
  4. What a cutie! I love the fluffy headed look in the picture and how his yellow stops right where the throat spots are! Even in the photo he looks like he has loads of character!
  5. I love the web cam! Lovely birds too! Welcome!
  6. Here where I live there some nasty wild birds - they have a hook on the end of their beaks. Many years ago I lost a budgie to one of these who attacked the budgie through the bars of his cage. Supervise, supervise and then supervise!
  7. I love the look of that aviary in the link you provided too! Being close to those windows would make it seem the birds were inside as well!
  8. Yessss!!!! Great decision Kirby! Lucky Diego, he gets to stay with the one he so obviously adores!
  9. Wow! That's an amazing story! I guess being a green helped Fred survive...
  10. Welcome Rageruner! Your budgies are just beautiful!
  11. I was just wondering, with the early heat this year, how do the chicks in the nesting box cope? Is there any special care that you take? I have checked on mine three times today as it reached 33C here today and was very warm from quite early this morning, they do seem okay. As they are 4+ weeks old, I really wished they had fledged already, at least they would be bit cooler out in the open air.
  12. Daily for my lot, although they will only eat greens - any green veg! I keep trying though!!
  13. okay there is one teeny weeny bit of genetics I get! (Laughing out loud)! Thankyou Nerwen
  14. I have just been reading the thread "Recessive Pied+dominant Pied ", and understand that opaline is a sex linked mutation. So does that mean that my 3 youngest babies will all be female? Mum is a recessive pied (cinamon the only color in her wings) Dad is a normal green with yellow through his wings. picture below: My three youngest babes all have the body blue through their wings (as you would have seen in other posts). So Dad has color through his wings so his daughters will too? Have I got it right?
  15. Jellybean took the huge step into the big wide world this morning! He is flitting from perch to perch, a little wobbly but he looks great! I have seen him eating but what is funny he has taken an instant liking to water! I have a shallow terracotta dish hanging in the avairy for baths and in just two hours I saw him bathing twice! - I guess it was time to wash off that nesting box dust!
  16. Beautiful birds! And a perfect pink blob too! Would you expect all yellow lacewings in this clutch?
  17. I agree the Yellow faces are just beautiful! They all are! I would love a YF too!!!!
  18. okay, here are the latest pics of Jellybean, Pinto, Cashew and Peanut: Jellybean! Who is a very light greeny blue in real life with grey and white wings - Cute as! and the other three! Who all have purple cheek patches, are a pale lavender blue body with grey wings with the body color through the wings as well. Opalines aren't they? - Also, cute as, of course! But what amazes me is these 4 chicks have not left the nesting box as yet (the eldest, Jellybean is 5 weeks old today) and today, when I checked on them, there is an egg! I was planning on resting the parents even though this is the first clutch they have raised. What would you do? Advice please! Should I addle the egg, remove it or is there no harm in letting them raise a second clutch? I was just thinking the babies could have addled the egg already - yes?? I am torn as what to do.
  19. Go on! Keep Lucky! I have decided to keep 2 babies out of my first clutch of 4. Jellybean, our very first babe will be one of them! (Laughing out loud)! You just got to keep Lucky?????
  20. A couple of years ago I had a friend who had a very nervous bird she was trying to tame. I remember she used treats to gain the birds confidence. She would offer millet from her fingers at a distance, then worked her way to putting a little millet on her palm, her bird would then step up for the treat. Keep your movements slow and quiet so you don't make her feel threatened. It took a few weeks to get there but it worked! Perhaps you could try something similar with Moon's fav treat and only give the treat when you are working with her. Gently, gently is the key! Good Luck!
  21. All I can tell you is they are beautiful birds! (Laughing out loud)! If I may, I would like to make a suggestion get rid of those plastic coated perches, (I have a dislike of them!) Find some branches to use instead - they can then have fun chewing them and they are better for their foot health.
  22. I have the same thing happening, my hen is out alot more. But crops are all full, I put it down to the warmer weather too. It is great seeing both Mum and Dads (I have two males playing Dad) working in partnership feeding/caring for the babes.
  23. How cute, Lucky is really keen to get to your hand! You will be keeping him won't you?
  24. I have two small dogs (a Pom and a Cavalier) - great company for each while we are gone during the day. And great budgie bodyguards during the night. I don't think a cat ever comes into our back garden any more and if it does it gets short shifted quick smart! :0 Just another suggestion to solve the cat problem!
  25. (Laughing out loud)! Rainbow, I wish! But I opened my big mouth and two of my friends want one each, this was before they were hatched! Who was to know I would fall in love! So two will stay - I have a reasonable sized aviary with only 6 birds - plenty of room for more! :wine But which two to keep?? I know Jellybean will stay (our very first babe ever) but which other one will stay I don't want to decide. I really wish I could keep my mouth shut!
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