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  1. Can you really desex a budgie? I've never heard of it!!!!!!
  2. A very interesting discussion, I really enjoyed reading it. Now to show my ignorance about show birds but is there a mutation or is it "Division" that is more coveted by Show people above others?
  3. Hi! I just wanted to share these pics I took today... The baby Next oldest Pretty girl, I think! (a good biter! (Laughing out loud)!) This babe has yellow fading and blending pale turquise green - very cute! The oldest two look very similar I am thinking that I will keep 4 of these babies!
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    ((((Daz)))) Fluffy knew so much love in his short life and is now flying free.
  5. What a beautiful baby! And those lovely big baby eyes! Too cute! I agree with Hurdybirdy, sapphire or sapphi is a lovely name for him (apart from being my favourite gem stone! (Laughing out loud)!)
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    Welcome! You have come to the right place, I have learned so much during my short time here, the people are so friendly and knowledgable. Hope you enjoy your stay. Some photos of your budgies would be great!
  7. Great topic eterri! This is something I have been working towards, a more natural environment in the aviary for my budgies. I only use natural branches for perches, just yesterday I was in the bush and found some weirdly twisted branches I thought I could use as swings! Also I have ordered a 5 foot eucalyptus tree that I am hoping to grow in the aviary, for the birds to perch in and probably eat! The foraging for food is a natural extension of what I have done so far! Thanks for the great ideas!
  8. Welcome and Pancake is just gorgeous!
  9. Welcome! I too would love to some pics!
  10. Ohh Gee now I am confused! I think it is picture 1 is the cinnamon, with the first 2 together one is black and the other has brown with the yellow in the wings. picture 4 is the greywing with blue coming in. And picture 5 might have grey flight feathers coming in with the lime/yellow wings. The youngest is still a bit of a mystery They are a bit of a brew at the moment, I am sure all will become clearer as they feather up more! I have good homes for two of them but the rest will stay with me!! Surprise Surprise!!!! (You will remember my hen laid 9 eggs, which I thought I had addled, 8 hatched but the youngest 2 died, sadly squashed by the bigger chicks and the ninth egg was clear.)
  11. I am delighted with my 6 unexpected babies, they are a mix of different colors, that I can see so far! We have 1x grey wing, 1x cinamon, yellow, blue and green in various shades. I look forward to seeing how they feather up. Anyway here are some pics I took today. and a group hug!
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    Daz, the new stock cages are looking great! I was wondering do you buy the cage fronts or are you a whiz with a solderer(?sp)/welder?
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. (((brandel)))
  14. You often see these racks in oppy shops and garage sales for only a dollar or two, I will take more notice next time I spot one!
  15. Just found this picture (on the net) of an unusual avairy perch - very inventive and great for a small space. Good use of a wine rack for those amongst us who aren't big wine drinkers! (Wall needs a good scrub though!)
  16. I don't have any of those quiet ones either! Is it a new mutation??!!??
  17. I can tell you one thing for sure! They are beautiful birds, I just love their soft coloring.
  18. That video is great, what a great moment to capture!
  19. I too would remove the troublesome female. You don't want to risk a situation like I had a few months ago - the jealous female went into the others nest and broke all the eggs!
  20. On my monitor they looked different too! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! (Laughing out loud)! Another one please Nerwen!!!!!
  21. I use a shelf, I think it's easier to gently bring the nest box down to check eggs and babes.
  22. Thanks all, but I still think those names are awful!!! (Laughing out loud)! Just been in the aviary, No. 5 hatched overnight! Added: No.6 hatched yesterday!
  23. As of this morning I have 4 babies (the eggs I thought I had addled!) Thought I would post pics to show you my expertise in this area! (Laughing out loud)! They are beautiful, with full crops. Lovely surprises, each and everyone of them. My horrible children (teens) think they should be nick named Quiche, Omelet, Scrambler and Souffle! I dread to think what they will come up with if any more hatch! (Laughing out loud)! I must think of some more appropriate names! And yes there are 4, one I discovered had hidden underneath for the photo shoot!
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