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  1. Thanks for posting this Daz, it's interesting. I am always interested in any natural alternatives. I too have a couple of pots of Aloe around the house. I will give it a go. It's even raining here right now so I will be able to catch more rain water!!!!! *dancing in the rain*
  2. I finished mine and then it said 55.15!!!!! Something wrong there! I know time passes quickly when you are the computer but that is bizarre!!!!!!
  3. Feathers.....WOW! That is just brilliant! Congratulations! You must be over the moon and...... you left better birds at home!!!!! Mind you, those winners are just beautiful!!!! Looks as if you have an exciting future in showing birds :bluebudgie: :ausb:
  4. What a beautiful tribute to your very special friend! (((((lovey))))) You have many special, loving memories that will make you smile in times to come. You and Merlin are in my thoughts at this sad time.
  5. Wonderful photos Kirby! You have a beautiful looking flock!
  6. I too am sending you big hugs (((((lovey))))
  7. She is just beautiful! I have a friend with a female that talks all the time, she has a huge vocabulary!
  8. I will include Jim in my prayers and wish him a speedy recovery. How lucky is he to have such a loving owner!
  9. One of my males is having a deep and meaningful relationship with his calcium bell! The males really are all Cute Casanovas!!!!!
  10. Congratulations Kerrie! You did a wonderful thing. Please keep us updated if you can, I for one am curious if it was a bad choice of bird sitter or straight out neglectful owners. For sure someone should be prosecuted, to bring justice for those lives that were lost. And a timely reminder to us all, just how dependant upon us, our delightful little bird friends are.
  11. I know you can color feed canaries to achieve a red canary, is it possible to do the same with Budgies? Like I said a very dumb question but I was wondering anyway!!! (Laughing out loud)!
  12. My birds all love those small seeding grasses that grow wild (just make sure you pick them from somewhere safe - no pestcides etc.) I have a small corner of my yard behind a shed that no one is allowed to mow (my budgie garden). So that would be good to start with, mine love anything green, although they have just started to eat carrot and in the last week corn on the cob which they love! Be patient and keep offering, they will eventually come around.
  13. Wow! I love him, he is a beautiful bird!
  14. I too would be interested in this, just did a very quick Google - Is an annual, plant in spring when soil temp warms up, appears to need quite warm weather to thrive and so seems to be grown mostly in Western and Northern Australia. That is just some basic info, as most of what info I found was for farmers planting acres not the backyard grower! And just found this: Cultivation details Requires a moderately fertile well-drained soil in full sun. Succeeds in ordinary garden soil. Tolerates heat and also drought when it is established. European millet is frequently cultivated in warm temperate and sub-tropical zones for its edible seed, there are many named varieties. Cultivation in Britain is somewhat problematic, the plants require good summers to do well and a dry period in late summer is required in order to ripen and dry the seed. We have had fairly good results on our trial grounds in Cornwall by starting the seed off early in a greenhouse, though this is a fairly labour-intensive method and therefore much less efficient than growing the more traditional temperate zone cereals. Yields are also considerably lower than other cereals that can be grown in this country, although the nutritional value of millets is said to be superior to wheat, oats, etc. Propagation Seed - sow spring in a greenhouse and only just cover the seed. Germination should take place within a week. **** out the seedlings into trays or individual pots and plant them out after the last expected frosts Millet Info I might give this a go.
  15. If this was me I would run an extension lead, take the vacuum into the aviary, attach the crevice attachment and suck that bugger up. I would then come out of the aviary, spray about a litre of insect spray into the vac bag, and finally, hand the vacuum to DH to empty. Problem solved! (Laughing out loud)!
  16. A touching recollection of what was a very special trip. Thanks Daz.
  17. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your beauties. Photo No. 10 - What a beautful bird! Love the coloring!
  18. My guess would be: Bird A: 6 - 12 weeks, head bars still present & Bird B: 3 to 4 weeks, still in nest. Babe still has that cute baby black beak. ???How did I do? :glare:
  19. Welcome! Photos pleaseeeee!!!!!
  20. :hap: :hap: :hap: CONGRATULATIONS CHEEKYCHUCKY Sorry to Bobby but maybe if this is a series he might be included later??? CC you must let us know how it all goes! How exciting!
  21. Hope all goes well, it is such an exciting time! Good Luck!
  22. Thanks for the picture Bubbles! I am learning all the time!
  23. Is this splayed feet! I have never seen a picture of this.
  24. Thanks everyone, I am so pleased to have them now, considering their "shaky" start! (Laughing out loud)!
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