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  1. Well done!!!! Your halo will be shining brightly! :angel1:
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, you have given me lots to think about. I do have a friend who breeds budgies on a much larger scale than me, I will give him a call for a foster Mum. I only breed for me and family and close friends, which is why I have one hen breeding, one clutch only. Which raises another question, which way do you have more success, fostering eggs or the chicks?
  3. I decided to let my hen have one clutch, this year. I gave her a nesting box, and she promptly started laying. Problem is, she is currently sitting on 10 eggs! I am sure she would not be able to raise all ten chicks successfully, but what to do???? Middle of last week I removed 3 eggs, leaving 7, she has now laid 3 more and we are back to ten! I am fairly sure most are fertile. The first layed should hatch within a day. What would you do? I have no other hens laying, so fostering is not an option.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions I shall hit my local hardware and try the moth trap thingys if I can get them. Probably a dumb question but I will ask anyway....Those bug zappers, aren't a danger for the birds are they? What if a budgie landed on it or chewed on it?
  5. Hi All! I am having a problem with a moth plague in my avairy. They are a small moth, about 2 cm across their wing span and there is a hundred of them! They don't seem to be causing any problems for my budgies but I have never had this problem before, so don't really know if they could be a problem. My avairy is clean, and the only thing I have tried is to squirt them with the hose! They do make the day to day maintenance of the avairy unpleasant. Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions on what I can do? Help!!
  6. Congratulations Pie!! Great caption!
  7. My only answer is to get a little dog. My two chase the cats and even the wild birds that come to window shop away!
  8. A very cute picture of two beautiful birds! Congrats Splat!!
  9. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. (((((Loren)))))
  10. "Thanks guys for the responses. This little tyke has been like this for a couple weeks now, so obviously he needs to see vet. I hadn't noticed till tonight though the huge buildup of dung on his undercarriage." Oh dear!
  11. Marty sure is a gorgeous fellow! Have you tried him with any veges?
  12. He needs to see an avian vet......fast! Hop on the phone and make an appointment now! In the meantime keep him warm and quiet. Good Luck!
  13. What beautiful birds! I don't have any yellows in my avairy. I might need to correct that!
  14. Here's a second one (if that is allowed???) (Laughing out loud)! "Geez! I wish that Mum wouldn't make me chaperone little sis' on her dates, it's so damn embarrasing being the third wheel!"
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