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  1. Thanks for the advice! Where would you purchase citric acid crystals?
  2. Doesn't look like any of those, but thanks for the site. It's a good one to bookmark.
  3. Since last night I've noticed that Bella's poops are looking a bit different. It seems like the urates are mixing with her poop rather than staying in the center. Like the typical budgie poop has the outer brownish green ring and then the urates in the center. Well with her, the urates seem to be more fluid I guess and are mixing with the fecal portion rather than staying in the center. The fecal part is still fully formed, so no diarrhea, she has a clean bottom, and the urates don't seem to have increased. They are just a bit more wet so her poop comes out more of a gray-green color. She doesn't eat fresh food, so she hasn't really eaten anything that could make her droppings more wet. The urine portion hasn't seemed to increase either. It's just the urates that aren't staying in that perfect little blob. Could this be cause for concern? She is molting right now (stress?) and she's recently started eating pellets, so I don't know if either of those two factors could be attributed to it. She seems completely fine other than that. Just thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any insight.
  4. All 3 of my budgies are very different about how they play. Scooter - LOVES toys. Bells in particular. He loves to ring them and slam them against the sides of the cage. He loves to flirt with all of them too. :(Laughing out loud): However, I have noticed that he doesn't play with his toys nearly as much as he did when he was younger. I don't know if that has to do with age, or with him having 2 other budgies to play with (he was a lone bird for the first 9 months that I had him). Sweeney - Loves toys too, but isn't that interested in bells. He'll make a toy out of anything. He likes things that he can pick up. He likes to carry little things around (balls, earrings, etc.) and then throw them. He also likes toys that he can shred. Bella - Never been too crazy about toys. Every once in awhile she may ring a bell one time, but that's about the extent of it. She loves to destroy things. That's way more fun apparently. :(Laughing out loud): Rope, palm shredders, wood...anything she can chew on and shred to bits!
  5. My budgies do it all the time. Especially Scooter. He never shuts up (Laughing out loud). Even when half asleep. :(Laughing out loud): He'll be all tucked in with his head behind his wing and you can still hear him having whole conversations with himself. :(Laughing out loud):
  6. Well, they weren't touching the pellets, so I ended up putting some in a bag and broke it up into tiny pieces with a rolling pin. I put some in little cups next to their seed dishes, and Sweeney has already taken an interest in it. He sat there today and ate a bit, so he seems to like it. He's willing to try anything so I wasn't to worried about him. It's Bella and Scooter that might take awhile. But I think if it's there, they'll eventually start to pick at it. They are budgies after all, and their curiosity knows no limits haha. :(Laughing out loud):
  7. I've heard of Harrison's, but we don't have that around here. I avoid the artificial coloring too. This kind is natural with no artificial coloring. They've kinda been picking at it, but haven't really eaten any yet. I may try smashing it up into tiny pieces for them.
  8. I'm trying to start my budgies on pellets to give them some more variety in their diet. I went to the store today and bought what looked like a good choice. It's Zupreem's Avian Maintenance Natural Diet. Is this a pretty good pellet diet to go with? I've heard a lot of good things about Zupreem so I thought they would be the best. It is the cockatiel blend though. They didn't have it for budgies. They only had the Fruit Blend in the budgie size and I don't like giving them food with artificial coloring. I looked online and the formula appears to be the same for both cockatiel and budgie blends, just with different sized pellets. Do you think the budgies would have any trouble with the larger pellets?
  9. After I brought Sweeney home, I decided I needed a bigger cage to house all 3 birdies together. So I went out and bought a nice big cage. My family keeps saying it looks like a bird playground. But isn't that the idea? :(Laughing out loud): They still aren't quite used to it yet, but they are warming up to it and it gives them a lot more room. I've already put Sweeney in with them and all is going pretty well so far. Him and Scooter are warming up to each other rather quickly. Bella hates him, but I was expecting that. She doesn't like anyone to disturb her perfect world. :(Laughing out loud):
  10. luvnscooter

    Budgie names

    Scooter - Just kinda popped in my head and I thought it fit his personality Bella - Kinda came about because of her mauve color. I thought of Bluebell and Bella came from that. I also like that it is italian for "beautiful." Sweeney - Came from my obsession with Sweeney Todd :(Laughing out loud):
  11. I'd like to introduce everyone to my new baby....Sweeney! I believe his type is clear-flight, dominant-pied, green opaline (someone correct me if I'm wrong (Laughing out loud)) and he's about 3 months old. I just brought him home today. He was born at the bird sanctuary I work at and was handraised. He's an absolute doll! He LOVES people. He's been around other birds, but not budgies, so I think he believes he's human too. :(Laughing out loud): He will happily go to anyone and will fly to you if you call for him. He loves to sit on your shoulder and nibble on your ear. Once he settles in, I'll slowly start introducing him to Bella and Scooter. He's just now starting to make budgie noises, so hopefully he'll start communicating with Scooter and Bella soon.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will be bringing Sweeney home tomorrow so hopefully all will go well. I'm not sure of the sexes of the other babies just yet, but there are 3 to choose from so hopefully at least one will be a male. They won't be weaned for another couple weeks, so I'll just have to wait and see. I was wanting to get another male, so it's good to hear that yall think another male would be a good idea.
  13. So after having Scooter and Bella for a year and a half, I've decided I'd like to add to my little flock. Budgies are just so addicting! :budgiedance: I'm going to be getting 2 more budgies. I work at a bird sanctuary so they are both coming from there. We have a few handraised babies that aren't quite weaned yet, but when they are, I will be choosing one. The other is a little older baby. He's from a different clutch, but was also handraised and is just the sweetest little thing. He will also be coming home with me. So my question is, if I already have a male (Scooter) and a female (Bella), and I will be adding Sweeney (male), does it matter if the fourth bird is male or female?
  14. Scooter gives me kisses on my nose. I'll ask him if I can have a kiss and he runs up and either waits for me to give him a kiss (nose to beak) or he'll come up and nibble on my nose. It's so cute cause he'll start purring when he does it.
  15. Scooter LOVES to make that sound. He does it whenever he's ringing his bell. It's like he's trying to mimic the ringing of the bell. He'll hit it over and over and make that noise with every ding of the bell. :(Laughing out loud):
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