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  1. Hey all!! I can't believe its been like 3 years since i have posted!! Chucky sadly passed away not too long after her photo shoot and even sadder to say the book people never got in contact with me about the book when they said they would send me a copy. I tried several time to email them but never got a reply. I often google budgie books to see if it comes up so i can buy it however still no luck. Has anyone here seen it by any chance? Hope everyone is well :rofl:
  2. I will try that cos they do love their millet. Thanks guys
  3. Ha ha Zebra!! Not sure I could part with the little one. I'm thinking of moving one of the 3 in with me!!! Banjo or Bindi will be its name!!
  4. Here's Crikey! just after her bath drying on the supergym! She was so cute, she actually put her head under the water!!! I was amazed!
  5. Here are pics of the babies I currently have in 2 nests at the moment. In nest one i have 3 babies. I think this is the oldest. [/img] And here are the 2 in the other nest. They wouldn't look at the camera. haha I know they are not the best photos of the cere but can you tell what sex is of the yellow face is and am I nearly correct when i say it is a yellow face blue spangle?
  6. Does anybody know if this may be some kind of mite or similar? The poor little bird, its better off now, it sure looked uncomfortable.
  7. I was just wondering what treats trainers would give the birds when they perform a trick?
  8. Its very cute!! I love its colour too
  9. CheekyChucky


    Hi everyone!!! I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the company of the greatest little people in the world, our budgies!!! I have been soooo busy in the last couple of months, I have new responsibilties at work and I haven't had time to post but i have dropped by a few times just to see the cute faces of all your budgies. And its soo good to see so many new members here!!! I still have about 30 gorgeous budgies and at the moment 5 little fluffybums in nests!!! They are so cute, 2 are green and yellow pieds and the other three are what i would say yellow face blue spangles? hahah I will get some photos to show you all. I think you all met Crikey!? She is a yellow face grey spangle(?), I bred her and she came to live inside with us. She is the cheekiest little thing always making that little cranky budgie noise if you disturb her when she is playing with her bells! She has also learnt to do a few whistles, squark like a ring neck and copy Chloe the tiels little squeeks and cheeps. Stubby is still stubby!!! haha bink bonk bonk, thats all he does hahah its very funny tho. He's is completely adorable and a chatterbox. Well i will post some pics of the birdies over thenext couple of days. Its good to be back.
  10. They are so gorgeous!! The flight picture is great!!!
  11. Gorgeous birds. I love that 3rd picture. It looks like "karate budgie" Hy-YAH!!!!!
  12. Its such a hard decision to make even tho you know its the right one. She had some form of cervical cancer and could not use her bowels properly. She had a course of tablets earlier in the year which seemed to help but once they wore off she went down hill. 2007 has not been my year so far. Oh well things can only get better. And with a crazy new budgie in the house its never boring. She is always trying to get into trouble.
  13. Thanks you . I was thinking girl but she is not bitey like other girl budgies. I don't mind either way. Oh and Crikey! loves a head scratch!! awww tooo cute
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